What links the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The Weekend quiz

What links the LA Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers? The Weekend quiz

From Memphis to Mumintrollen, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

Sat 17 Jul 2021 02.00 EDT

The questions

1 What item of furniture was first mentioned by Wace in 1155?
2 Which opera opens in Memphis?
3 What has National Geographic recognised as the world’s fifth ocean?
4 Which line is dotted with 142 forts known as ouvrages?
5 Who boasted of “a very particular set of skills”?
6 Which political party was co-founded by Sandi Toksvig?
7 What three letters represent otorhinolaryngology?
8 Which comic strip character was named after a 60s festival?
What links:
Ancholme; Hull; Ouse; Trent?
10 Yamata no Orochi (heads and tails); Durga (arms); Sleipnir (legs)?
11 Cape Cod fisherman Michael Packard; Geppetto; Jonah?
12 Nordisch; Rhenish; Swiss; Berliner; Ciner?
13 Nijntje; Pippi Langstrump; Les Schtroumpfs; Mumintrollen?
14 Enamel; dentine; pulp?
15 LA Rams and Denver Nuggets; Boston Red Sox; Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

The answers

1 King Arthur’s Round Table (in Roman de Brut).
2 Aida (Memphis in Egypt).
3 Southern ocean.
4 Maginot Line (in France).
5 Liam Neeson (Bryan Mills) in the film Taken.
6 Women’s Equality party.
7 ENT (ear, nose and throat).
8 Woodstock (Peanuts).
9 Rivers forming the Humber estuary.
10 Eight of each: Japanese serpent; Hindu goddess (at least eight); horse in Norse myth.
11 Swallowed by a whale or giant fish: in June; in Pinocchio; in the Bible.
12 Newspaper formats.
13 Original names of characters from European children’s books: Miffy; Pippi Longstocking; The Smurfs; The Moomins.
14 Layers of a tooth.
15 US sports teams of Premier League owners: Stan Kroenke (Arsenal); John Henry (Liverpool); Glazer family (Manchester United).

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