Locally owned and focused on local topics, Manatee Herald is working hard to add more offerings to its fair, balanced, and FREE online news. Although it’s hard to call us a start up any longer, we are still a small business working through small business challenges just like many of you. So, we are proud to share a few of the features that can be found only right here on Manatee Herald.  Check back for more!

Meet Mark Young

Mark Young is the author of the opinion column, Tales of the Mark Side.  He’s an Army veteran, an experienced journalist, a conservative Republican, and he tells it like it is.  If that sounds refreshing because you can’t find it anywhere else in Manatee County, at the time of this writing, he is over 70 columns, so there is a lot to enjoy.

Let’s talk

This is a video podcast of sorts, short interviews in a simple format of open dialog to talk with local leaders, politicians, candidates, first responders, influencers, entrepreneurs, veterans, and everyday local folks.  Let’s Talk is free just like everything else on Manatee Herald.  After all, there isn’t anything more annoying than clicking on an article or video just to get stopped by a content paywall. Our goal is to keep these under 30 minutes.  This should be just long enough to have a meaningful conversation without dragging on too long.  This is out of respect for your time as well as our guests.

Criminal Corner

Criminal Corner is a weekly highlight of criminal activity in Manatee County, but does not represent all of the sheriff’s office’s activities for the week.  Editor’s note: All suspects listed are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. 

 Local news shouldn’t be something you have to pay for and we feel like these also fall in that category.  We hope you enjoy.