Chadwick Boseman Was Going To Star in a Sequel to ‘L.A. Confidential’

It turns out that Chadwick Boseman was almost the star in the sequel for L.A. Confidential.

In a new interview, screenwriter Brian Helgeland shared that the potential sequel would have included the late Black Panther actor, and also reunited Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce.

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According to Brian, the sequel would have taken place in the late 1970s and Chadwick would have starred as a young police officer.

However, Warner Bros. turned the idea down.

“We worked the whole thing out,” he shared. “It was great. And Warners passed.”

The original movie followed three detectives with different styles trying to uncover a series of murders in the 1950s. It went on to make $126 million at the worldwide box office.

If you didn’t see, a teaser for Chadwick‘s final performance of T’Challa was released.

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