While everyone is focused on the border and telling Kamala to go there, we missed the real reason she was in Guatemala…She was on a secret political mission, and it’s not about the “border.”


It’s about overthrowing the conservative party that’s currently in power…and the people of Guatemala know it…that’s why they were standing there when she arrived, telling her to go home, and that “Trump won.”

Frontpage Mag reported that President Giammattei is a staunch law and order conservative, and if he appeared to be undermining Kamala, it was because she had spent months undermining him.

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In May, Kamala met with a number of leftist opponents of Giammattei, including former Attorney General Thelma Aldana, who had targeted conservative politicians with corruption charges, before herself being charged with corruption. Instead of returning home to face those charges, she received political asylum in the United States. Her social media is full of praise for Kamala Harris’ trip to Guatemala, and her promises to end “corruption” in Guatemala.

Behind the mutual charges of corruption is a struggle between the Left and Right, with socialists and narcoterrorists on one side and military officers and free marketers on the other.

Kamala and the Biden administration are choosing to stand with the Left.

That’s not exactly surprising. Neither were the angry protesters that greeted Kamala at the airport waving banners and signs reading “Kamala, Mind Your Own Business”, “Kamala, Go Home”, “Kamala Trump Won”, and “Kamala Stop Funding Criminals”.


Those signs might have been confusing to Americans who get their news from the media bubble which left them completely unprepared to understand what was really going on.

Guatemalans saw her as prepping a leftist coup by backing leftist organizations and activists.

And they were fighting back.

Kamala Harris blamed the migrant crisis on “corruption, violence and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, the lack of good governance.” Two of those are very obvious code words for regime change.

A few days ago it was announced that Kamala’s trip would be about “anti-corruption” efforts.

Aside from some leftist prosecutors, Guatemalans are not coming here over government corruption. But did anyone really think that Biden wanted to reduce illegal migration?

The Left is adept at killing two birds with one stone.


In this case, it’s using a border crisis to impose leftist regimes on Latin America.

Kamala Harris was quick to announce that Biden’s DOJ will create an anti-corruption task force that will provide “case-based mentoring to the Guatemalan Public Ministry, including the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI)” and “a rapid response capability to deploy U.S. prosecutors and law enforcement experts to provide mentorship to develop corruption cases.”

What this is, is Kamala deploying DOJ assets to help local left-wingers to take down conservative politicians.

This is the real reason why Biden said that Kamala was “the most qualified person to do it.”

You have to remember, Kamala has the “prosecutor” background needed for this misssion and that’s her “real job” in Guatemala….to overthrow the conservatives.

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