As we all know, the U.S. is headed towards an absolute disaster under Biden’s shaky leadership.

We can all see the writing on the wall, but for those who don’t question the message that the mainstream media spoon-feeds them, this upcoming crash will probably come as a surprise.


Bill O’Reilly is predicting major Biden retaliation is coming once these people see their cost of living skyrocket once this economy that Biden has slowly been chipping away at, finally crumbles.

Of course, this crash is something that not even the mainstream media will be able to spin; as many Americans will experience some of the worst strife we’ve seen since the recession.

Watch Bill’s prediction here:

The Biden-backlash is building and it could hit a fever-pitch by the midterm elections, says @BillOReilly.

Media bias can mask the public’s resentment but it is still bubbling underneath, he contends.

“And once that economy goes south– OVER.” pic.twitter.com/67UVu3en0w

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) June 11, 2021

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O’Reilly is right on the money here, but what’s surprising is that it’s not just him and other conservative pundits who are sounding the alarm off on Biden’s starved economy as the New York Post just published a piece that absolutely slams Biden’s economic game plan.

From The New York Post

Reality check: The COVID shutdowns are nearly over, and many were regionally based to begin with (Florida and Texas have been open for months). That’s why when you talk to most mainstream economists, they will tell you Biden and Powell are throwing money at a problem that doesn’t exist.

They are spending so much money on unemployment benefits that it’s keeping people out of the work force, despite companies desperate to hire.

Biden is playing with fire, both economically and politically. Again. I remember the 1970s and the reason Jimmy Carter was a one-term president. Then-Fed chairman Paul Volcker induced a recession to cure massive inflation during the Carter presidency, all but guaranteeing Ronald Reagan’s victory and his free-market revolution.

So why are our policy makers looking to repeat the sins of the past? Because Biden is listening to the progressive members of his party, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who don’t believe inflation exists, and that the government should be spending massively on every social program there is.


The U.S. is sadly heading towards a complete disaster under Biden and will, unfortunately, experience another big setback.

We can only hope that from these ashes the American people will rise up again and fight to save our country.

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