The Democrat Party and its supporters in the press were willing to lie to the American public about the state of Joe Biden’s health. These people loved power so much they willingly engaged in a conspiracy to prevent the American public from learning how fragile was the health of President Biden.

Over and over, Democrat politicians and political commentators remarked that Biden was very sharp in meetings. These were the same people that stated that Hunter Biden’s laptop issue was just a Russian dis-information hoax. 

The Democrats continue to focus on Trump’s lack of honesty. This is like Snoop Dog accusing Woody Harrelson of being a pot smoker. 

Why was the mainstream press unwilling to report on Biden’s cognitive decline? You can’t think of a larger issue as far as the impact on our country and its foreign affairs. In spite of the seriousness of this issue, the mainstream press ignored it because they are no longer unbiased in their coverage of news.The mainstream media is  in fact an interested party that is attempting to promote a leftist agenda. 

In 2020, the mainstream media was worried that Bernie Sanders would capture the Democratic nomination. They believed that Sanders was one of the few Democrats that would lose to Trump.

The leftist power brokers forced Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg out of the race and they installed Biden as the nominee. The plan worked, Biden was hidden in the basement  and Trump was defeated.

After several years of the Biden Presidency, it was apparent that Biden was not in full control. In spite of what the public was watching, the press and the Democrat leaders continued to insist that Biden was fine and in full control.

You would think that the possibility of an American President in cognitive decline would be an issue to be investigated by the press. That is what you would expect of an UNBIASED press. Our mainstream press, however, has been co-opted by leftist graduates of “elite” universities and they consider themselves to be champions of the leftist agenda.

All of this was exposed Thursday evening as we watched a senior citizen who would not be allowed to drive his own grandchildren to the Baskin Robbins ice cream store. 

Just remember that the people  who constantly tell you that Trump is unethical have just been part of the biggest political fraud in American history. We will watch this charade continue to unfold as the leftists attempt to keep their political control.

The only advice I will give President Biden is to not eat any food that Jill has not prepared.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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