Remember Charlottesville? White supremacists marched through the streets of the Virginia town and a car rammed into some of the marchers. The leftist press went bonkers and blamed the whole racist movement on : Guess Who? Trump.

The New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, CBS and ABC demanded that the whole nation must reject Donald Trump because he made the statement that there were bad characters on both sides of the Charlottesville incident. 

Business leaders were required to cancel their meetings with Trump because the leftist press said that Trump was the cause of all racism in America.

Let’s move forward 6 years to what has occurred in the past month. 

Last weekend, outside the White House, anti-Israel protesters wore terrorist headbands and chanted that Hamas and Hezbollah should “kill another Zionist now.” The same protesters held up signs urging another intifada. 

Recently New York City hosted an exhibit that was a memorial for the October 7th Hamas victims. Protesters held up Hezbollah and Hamas banners saying “Long Live October 7th.”

Recently, at UCLA, a mob assaulted a rabbi and proclaimed their support for Hamas. 

At Cal State, a mob vandalized a campus building and would not allow the school president to leave the building. 

In New York City, the president of the Brooklyn Museum, who is Jewish, had her home splashed with paint and had a triangle painted on her home as a symbol she should be killed.

Has the leftist media condemned these actions and blamed them on Biden’s refusal to confront Palestinian voters?

No. The media ignores the actions of these racists because they realize they need the racist Arabs to vote for Biden in order to get him reelected. 

The same media that blamed Trump for every racist act that occurred during his Presidency, completely ignores Biden when he panders to these racists in order to get their votes.

The last 9 months have revealed that the Democrat Party is the home of racists. They continue to coddle the Arab groups that want to exterminate Jewish people.

If you are opposed to racism, you cannot support the Democrat Party.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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