So Gavin Newsom is calling delegates to the Democratic Convention in an attempt to convince them that he should replace Joe Biden on the Democrat ticket. Newsom is all about diversity except when it comes to Kamala Harris. He wants to throw the black woman under the bus so he can be the nominee. 

Newsom has spent his whole career cozying up to wealthy Democrats like the oil rich Getty family and they have made it possible for him to become the Governor of California. There is just one problem: Newsom cannot run from his California record. In California, for the last two decades, there has been no viable Republican party. With the Democrats in total control of the state, there has been no moderate voices to stop the Rob Reiner Democrats from passing the most leftist (Meathead) laws. 

Because all of the bureaucrats are appointed by Democrats, they have made it difficult for businesses to operate at a profit. Newsom passed a law that will make it unlawful to sell gasoline powered cars in 10 years. The hard working Californians who will continue to need gas powered used automobiles will find that they will be much more expensive. 

All of this is being done to force Californians to buy expensive electric cars. Those that cannot afford electric cars will be forced to ride buses where they will likely be assaulted by criminals that have not been prosecuted by Newsom’s District Attorneys.

The working class citizens will be forced to send their children to public schools where they will learn about the joy of gay sex while in kindergarten. Newsom believes that this type of education should be taken to the whole country.

Newsom also helps create unsafe cities where there are homeless people everywhere. The state auditor in California reported that the state spent $24 billion, yes Manatee Democrats that is $24 billion on vagrancy and homelessness. After spending that ridiculous amount of money, the homeless population increased by 30,000 individuals. 

Republicans understand that this is a colossal failure because Republicans

 understand business. Democrats think that spending $24 billion on a failed cause is fine because most of that money went to pay the salaries of Democrat social workers who cannot find jobs anywhere else.

In 2022, more than 300,000 Californians moved to other states taking $22 billion in income with them. This is a major drain on California’s budget. Those that cannot afford to move are forced to pay higher taxes while Governor Newsom tells them how bad life would be in Florida, Nevada and Texas. 

Now Newsom is determined to bring his brand of life to the rest of America. Personally, I’ll take a sleepy Joe Biden over Newsom anyday.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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