Pete Buttigieg is an example of the Democrat idea of promoting someone because of their gender, sexual preference or race. Normally, a white male is not someone that the Democrats wish to promote. Pete gets a pass from the leftist Democrats because he is gay. Once he  withdrew from the Democratic nomination race in 2020, he had to be given a cabinet position from Biden to pacify the gay caucus. 

Mayor Pete was given the Transportation post because normally it is hard to screw up that position. Pete became the poster boy for Democrats when he was made Secretary of Transportation. The mainstream press loved him and would gush about the fact that he rode a bike to work. Of course, the press did not report that he was driven from his home in a SUV convoy and then he would get out 1 mile from his office and ride his bike into work. 

Mayor Pete was a huge proponent of putting electric vehicles on the road. At his Senate confirmation hearing he said: “We plan to explore best practices on how to incentivize the installation of electric charging stations.”

He procured $7.5 BILLION from Biden’s Infrastructure Law to build a national charging network for electric vehicles.

Donald Trump noted recently that Buttigieg was spending billions of dollars to subsidize cars that no one wants to buy. 

Buttigieg counters that electric vehicles will continue to grow. What Buttigieg is unwilling to discuss is that after spending $7.5 BILLION, only seven or eight charging stations have been produced.

For our Manatee Democrats and the subscribers to the online Democrat newspaper: I repeat: For $7.5 BILLION, we, the American taxpayers got 7 or 8 charging stations. 

Bernie Madoff only wished that he could have screwed the American taxpayers as well as Pete Buttigieg has screwed the taxpayers. If only Madoff had been gay! He might have been given a pass. If you are a “repressed minority,” the Democrats are happy to ignore you when you screw the taxpayers. 

Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, has joined Buttigieg in fleecing the taxpayers. Secretary Granholm, another “intelligent” Biden appointee, was traveling across our country in an electric vehicle to promote their use. She realized that there was a lack of charging stations for electric vehicles so she had a staffer in a gas powered car drive ahead and block the public’s access to the chargers so they would be available when she arrived. 

It is sad to see the Democrats fleecing the taxpayers. Manatee citizens are paying more for gas powered vehicles so wealthy Democrats can buy cheaper electric vehicles. Remember this when you hear Democrats and leftist Republicans asking you for your vote.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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