The leftists that control the Biden Administration continue to mock hard working Americans that have a moral compass. The Democrats have gone to war with “traditional values.”  Their latest preposterous action is to publish a Title IX rule that will reinterpret “sex discrimination” to include “gender identity.”

The effect of this change will be staggering! Until now, men using women’s locker rooms, showers and bathrooms has been in Democrat controlled states and school districts. Biden has not been content to only control the leftist areas. Biden and the Democrats now want to force areas like Manatee County to join the leftist counties that  demand that “chicks with dicks” be admitted to women’s locker rooms and showers.

Most people understand that “sex” is different from “gender identity.” 

“Sex” is based on biology; “gender identity” is based on a subjective internal perception.

Across our country, American girls have suffered the loss of their privacy and athletic opportunities to boys. Not only do these girls lose the chance to compete with their own gender, they are also vilified by Democrats and the Democrat controlled media if they point out the absurdity of competing against boys. 

As previously reported, England’s National Health Service determined this year that there was not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness of puberty suppression hormones in young people. 

Most of the young people in question are uncertain of their sexual identity and yes, many of them grow out of this uncertainty.

Why should the vast majority of young women be forced to compete against boys?  

The only reason for this wackiness is the Democrats are pandering to their leftist wackos just like they are pandering to the supporters of Hamas in order to get Biden reelected. 

With Biden and the Democrats throwing young girls under the bus, we must hope that the courts will stand up for these young girls. Many years ago, the courts protected black citizens from discrimination. Let’s pray that they will protect our young girls and young ladies.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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