Democrats can’t seem to say no. Whenever unrest and lawbreaking breaks out, you will find Democrat politicians attempting to placate the law breakers. Of course, this Democrat rule does not apply to Republicans who break the law. If you are a Republican and you pay your mistress to keep quiet or if you invade the Capitol, the Democrats want to put you in jail for life. 

Recently, we have seen university administrators deal with unrest and lawbreaking on their campuses. Northwestern University just announced that it had reached an agreement with the inhabitants of the anti-Israel encampment. The encampment was  clearly illegal but the Northwestern officials capitulated to the lawbreakers. Northwestern agreed that if the inhabitants of the encampment would leave, the university would hire 2 visiting Palestinians professors. The University also agreed to give 5 scholarships to Palestinian students and to also fund a safe place for Middle Eastern and African Muslim students. This is not a joke. This is the Democrat plan for dealing with Hamas supporters who call for jihad against Jews. 

We have watched this movie before. When Black Lives Matter supporters burned down stores and rioted in urban neighborhoods, the Democrat leadership knelt down in support of their cause. They were given millions of dollars to help them find their way. There is no mystery why Democrats riot when they are unhappy, they get rewarded for this behavior.

The University of Florida took a common sense approach to encampments on their camps. Florida notified protesters that if they violated the campus rules of protest, they would face a trespassing charge and an “interim” suspension from school. The Florida administration said: “This is not complicated,…The University of Florida is not a daycare, and we do not treat protestors like children-they know the rules, they broke the rules, and they’ll face the consequences.” The encampments ended quickly.

Democrats cannot say no to lawbreakers. They remind me of the dog owner who would not punish the puppy for pooping in the house. The house smelled like crap and no one wanted to visit the dog owner. 

 When the dog owner refuses to punish the dog, it only has an impact on his home. When the Democrats refuse to punish lawbreakers, it impacts whole cities. 

Once again, Florida Republicans lead the way with common sense problem solving. Don’t forget that locally and nationally when you vote this fall.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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