The press has begun their campaign to re-elect Joe Biden as President. This campaign requires the press to act like the ROTC student in Animal House who shouted at the panicked crowd: “Remain calm, all is well.”

Each passing week, the press has to work harder to convince people that what they see is not true. 

The public is watching young students, who have been radicalized by leftist college professors, take over college campuses and spew racial epithets at fellow students. We have watched college students harass Jewish students and attempt to keep them from entering campus. 

We have watched Democrat politicians downplay the severity of what has happened and refuse to condemn the racist actions.

This is not Tuscaloosa in 1963. This is Manhattan and Los Angeles in 2024. The Democrat leadership has contracted lock-jaw as they refuse to speak out against their racist supporters. 

Ironically, the only Democrat response to this jihad against Jews and America is to shout that Donald Trump paid hush money to his mistress. Paying hush money to your mistress can ruin your marriage but ignoring the jihad against Jewish people can ruin your country. 

Placating these racists will only result in more racism. Henry David Thoreau once said: “It is never too late to give up your prejudices.” Hopefully, Biden, Pelosi and Schummer can grow a spine and tell their racist supporters to stand down. Sadly, Biden is attempting to reduce the college debt of the racists who are attacking Jews. On this issue, as Obama used to say, the Democrats are “on the wrong side of history.”

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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