Idiotic Democrat Idea Alert: Biden and Schummer want to relocate Palestinian refugees from Gaza into the United States and Manatee County. Folks, you cannot make this up. The Florida Democrat Party is trying to talk you into voting for an Alzheimer’s patient who wants to import Hamas supporters into your county. 

Our local Democrat online paper will make you think that a five foot change in a wetlands delineation is the end of the world while they are attempting to bring Hamas supporters into Manatee County. 

CBS News has reported that the Biden administration is considering using the United States Refugee Admissions Program to welcome Palestinians into our country. Ladies and gentlemen, Egypt will not allow the Palestinians to enter Egypt because they know the Palestinians will foster unrest wherever they are. We have watched Palestinians incite riots on our college campuses yet the Democrats and their online newspapers continue to support politicians who will allow Palestinians to relocate to Manatee county. 

We even have former county commissioners who are supporting the idea of relocating Palestinians to Manatee County. 

Sadly, other misguided leftists have learned the hard way about allowing “refugees” from the Middle East into their country. In 2015, the prime minister of Sweden, Stefen Lofven, allowed 150,000 migrants from the Middle East to enter his country. 

Lofren said: “My Europe takes in refugees, ..My Europe doesn’t build walls.” This idiot was praised by Democrats for being on the “right side of history.” Such a compassionate Democrat right out of the leftist mold. 9 years later this idiot is the laughing stock of Sweden. 

There are now ”no go neighborhoods” of those migrants where the Swedish police will not enter. Sweden now has the 2nd highest rate of gun deaths in Europe. Now Sweden realizes what a major mistake it was to take in these refugees and they are now taking a more restrictive approach to immigration. 

It is unbelievable that the Democrats want to accept refugees from Gaza into our community. We have always been tolerant of Jewish people and now our local Democrats want to allow people in who hate Jews. Our elected officials must stand up and oppose allowing these racist bigots the ability to relocate in our community.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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