California is doing its best to make sure that businesses lay off employees and curtail future hirings. The Democrats in California decided that the fast food workers needed a minimum wage of $20 an hour. 

The Governor, Gavin Newsome, went along with this ludicrous scheme and signed the bill into law. Governor Newsome did a favor for one of his large political donors who  owns some Panera restaurants.  Newsome put into the bill a loophole that  allows restaurants that bake their own bread to avoid the $20 minimum wage.

Is this corruption? We will let the Manatee Democrats decide this since they seem to have a sensitive corruption meter.

What is the result of this 25% increase in the minimum wage? Jobs are being cut and employees are being let go and many that have retained their jobs are finding they will have fewer hours. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that  a Pizza Hut franchise started laying off delivery drivers. Many pizza chain operators have started farming out delivery service. 

Democrats are often people that work for governmental entities.  Most entrepreneurs and business owners tend to support the Republican party. 

Democrats think that raising minimum wages 25% is a simple process. Very few Democrat voters have ever signed a paycheck. When some of your expenses rise, a business owner will find a way to cut costs in other areas. 

California owners/operators who are facing the $20 minimum wage  will lay off employees and curtail future hiring. 

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What is one of the best ways to cut crime? Hire young people. What business owners are going to hire young, inexperienced workers and pay them $20 an hour. Very few. 

California has turned over their state to an inexperienced Governor who has allowed leftist college professors to set state policy. As a result, California is experiencing a brain drain as many of its entrepreneurial class have departed for free states. 

Sadly, this is exactly the same policies that the Manatee Democrats want to import into our area. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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