The Biden administration never ceases to amaze. Their policies will soon lead to electricity shortages across our country that will make us think we are in a 3rd world country. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the US energy system a C- on its 2021 infrastructure report card.  The ASCE also said that we are facing a funding gap of $200 billion by 2029 in electrical infrastructure. This estimate was several years before the Biden administration began forcing more industries onto the power grid. 

The Biden administration is controlled by anti- fossil fuel zealots. These zealots are mostly college professors who lack real world experience. Their naive policies will bring a major power calamity to our nation. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that projections for US electricity demand growth for the next five years have doubled. 

Why is this demand increasing so quickly? Artificial intelligence (AI) data centers and the increasing use of electric vehicles have caused the projections to increase dramatically. Chip manufacturing plants that are relocating from China will also have a huge demand on our power supply. Georgia Power recently increased  by 17 times its winter power demand for 2031.

Our country has possessed ample supplies of power  from fossil-fuel and nuclear powered power plants. The Democrats, however, decided that these efficient power plants must be closed because they do not meet their green criteria. To explain this to IQ deficient Manatee Democrats; the Biden administration is forcing power plants to shut down because they use fossil fuels or nuclear fuel for their power generation. 

These shutdowns are not  accompanied by corresponding increases in solar and wind power systems. Listen closely Democrats: power consumption is increasing dramatically because of new technologies and power production is not keeping up. Eventually, we will face power shortages just like 3rd world countries around the world. 

When these shortages occur, the college professors responsible for this catastrophe will of course determine that it is Trump’s fault. 

The sad reality is that these college professors could not foresee the increased demand coming from chip factories and AI data centers and they became singly focused on ending greenhouse gas emissions to the point they will cause huge harm to our economy. They were dancing in their Birkenstocks every time a fossil-fueled power plant was closed. 

Just remember, when the shortages occur, there will be no quick fixes. You cannot quickly restart a power plant that has shut down. 

The Biden wind farms will not come close to meeting the increased power demands even with all the hot air from the Democrats.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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