I am often asked how I come up with scenarios for my columns. I go back to the military phrase describing a battlefield of enemy combatants. With Democrats in charge of many states and cities you find a “target rich environment” of inane actions and regulations that make the average American roll their eyes. 

Recent rules enacted in the Democrat controlled states of Washington and Oregon are another example of leftist ideology overruling common sense. Every state in our country is looking for more parents to serve as foster parents. Too few people are willing to take on the arduous task of raising foster children. 

The state of Washington recently required Jennifer and Shane DeGross, a couple that has served for years as foster parents, to renew their license as foster parents. During the renewal process, they were told they must follow regulations that require them to support a child’s sexual orientation and gender/identity expression. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the state of Washington has guidelines for supportive behavior: displaying Pride flags and having LGBTQIA authors and musicians in their “collection” and seeking “affirming medical care for children or youth. (This means being willing to help children medically change their body structure)

The DeGross family stated they would  love and support anyone but they would not violate their Christian faith. Washington decided they could no longer be foster parents. Washington Democrats would rather have foster children living in hotels instead of having them live with loving families who don’t wish to have children attempt to change their sex,

A single mother in Oregon was denied a chance to adopt an orphan because in a hypothetical question, she answered that she would not take a child to hormone shot appointments. The rest of the sane world is beginning to ban sex change operations on children but Washington and Oregon Democrats are determined to promote this radical agenda. These Democrats are so insane they would deny children the opportunity to be adopted by loving parents because the parents are not leftist radicals. 

The mainstream media will not discuss these stories because they know that most Americans recognize how deranged these Democrat bureaucrats have become. Hopefully more Americans will see the Democrat agenda and turn away.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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