Americans have a deep understanding of what makes sense and what is nonsense. Today, our mainstream media attempts to hide the agenda of leftist Democrats because they realize that most Americans don’t support radical agendas. 

We witness this on many issues. On abortion, if you say no abortions should be allowed, most Americans are uncomfortable with that idea. If you argue that abortion should be allowed until birth, most Americans are uncomfortable with that idea. 

When Democrats opened our southern border and allowed millions of  people to walk in and get taxpayer funded benefits, most Americans have said they are not comfortable with that policy.

Recently, the Washington State voters began collecting signatures for voter initiatives that repeal some of the leftist Democrat policies that have harmed the public. In Washington state, when enough signatures are collected on an initiative, the initiative can become law without the Governor’s approval if the legislature approves the initiative. 

Recently, three initiatives were passed this way and the new laws will ban a state income tax. The new laws will also give a bill of rights to parents who have children in public schools. Another initiative will make it easier for police to chase suspected criminals. 

These initiatives have passed because voters have watched the leftist Democrats make their state unsafe and overtaxed. 

Understand that Democrats have strongly opposed these three initiatives. Democrats reflexively support increased taxes and less funding for the police.

The fact that crime rises as police are restricted and defunded does not bother Democrats, These Democrats are the products of a college system that teaches that capitalism is evil. These same Democrats hate the fact that Elon Musk has freed X (Twitter) to allow conservatives to express their opinion. As conservatives have exposed the radical policies of the Democrats, many voters are backing away from Biden.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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