Political observers have watched Democrats fall prey to “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS) over the past 8 years. If Trump supported an idea, those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome would automatically oppose the idea. 

During the “Covid Era”, when Trump called for schools to reopen, the Democrats screamed that he was “killing teachers and grandparents” and refused to allow most schools to reopen. Of course those not suffering from TDS knew the children would suffer great harm. (And wow, did the children suffer)

When Trump attempted to close the southern border of the US, those suffering from TDS screamed that children would die and the Democrats kept the border open. Look at how we as a nation are suffering because of this stupidity on the part of Democrats. 

In Manatee County, we have Democrats and some Republicans who suffer from “Van Ostenbridge Derangement Syndrome”. (VODS) Whatever Commissioner Van Ostenbridge supports, these democrats oppose. 

Van Ostenbridge supported putting palm trees in medians on Manatee Avenue and these Democrats and former commissioners suffering from VODS suddenly opposed palm trees. Van Ostenbridge  opposes appointing leftists to the Library Council and the Democrats and some Republicans, suffering from VODS scream and yell that he is un-American. (Guess they like the pornography in the library to help youngsters learn about sex)

Van Ostenbridge and other commissioners attempted to rein in the growth of bureaucracy in Manatee County government and those suffering from VODS worked with some Manatee County state constitutional officers to protect the bureaucrats.

Several local state constitutional officers have attempted to use the court system to attack Van Ostenbridge in a similar way that the Democrats have used the court system to attack Trump. 

Several months ago, Angel Colonesso, Clerk of the Courts in Manatee County filed a complaint against Commissioner Van Ostenbridge because he purchased a computer list to contact his constituents. Angel, who does not like Van Ostenbridge’s conservative  fight against government bureaucracy, tried to turn the purchase of the list into a major criminal matter. 

Soon, a private individual was found to file an ethics complaint with the Florida Ethics Commission. (This seems similar to what the Democrats have done to Trump) 

Fortunately, our Florida Ethics Commission is not a kangaroo court like many have experienced in Democrat controlled states. The Ethics Commission determined that the purchase of the list by Van Ostenbridge was not an ethics violation. The Florida Ethics Commission refused to be used as a weapon by Democrats and some of our elected state constitutional officers.

No politicians are perfect. Not Biden. Not Trump. Not Van Ostenbridge. We cannot, however, allow  Manatee County to become like the Democrat controlled states and cities where conservatives are attacked through a corrupt legal system.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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