Watching Biden navigate the world stage is like watching Saturday morning cartoons where Wile E. Coyote battled the Road Runner. Biden’s foreign policy team (we know he is not making the decisions) is consistently losing to the opposition. 

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Over the last year, Iran has constantly thumbed their nose at the US and organized attacks against US Forces in the Middle East. After each attack by Iran, the Biden administration immediately tells the world their focus is on keeping the Middle East wars from expanding.

The Biden administration then organizes an air strike against a storage shed used by the Iranian proxies.This past weekend we witnessed another Iranian organized attack that left three US soldiers dead and several with traumatic brain damage. 

Immediately, Biden’s appointees tell reporters that we must not offend the Iranians by attacking them directly. 

As an aside, military enlistment is down significantly. The service branches are lowering their requirements in an attempt to meet their enlistment targets. The Biden administration and the Democrats have managed to chase away the young people who used to enlist in the Armed Forces. In a surprising development, the transgender people they have been attempting to coax into the military have not accepted the challenge. The United States may be in trouble if the next big conflict is not a pillow fight. 

We have failed miserably in our attempts to sweet talk the Iranians into stopping their attacks on US soldiers.

Years ago we experienced a similar situation when Jimmy Carter was President. The Iranians did not respect or fear Carter so they overran the US Embassy in Tehran and took many US citizens hostage.

The standoff lasted more than a year and then Carter was defeated by Ronald Reagan in the Presidential election. The Iranians realized that Reagan  was not weak so on the day he was sworn into office, the Iranians released all the hostages. 

The Democrats do not know how to protect Americans. The Democrats are too focused on providing support for Hamas, helping transgender athletes, ending America’s energy independence, eliminating gas stoves, banning meat and tearing down statues of George Washingtonn and Thomas Jefferson.

Biden’s foreign policy team appear to be graduates of the Neville Chamberlain School of Diplomacy. The enemies of the United States are enjoying success and US soldiers are paying the price for Biden’s failures with their lives.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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