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In-N-Out Runs Away From Democrats

Oakland California is the poster child for what happens when Democrats control your city, county or state. In 2021, the Oakland City Council responded to the death of the notorious criminal, George Floyd, by making one of the biggest mistakes since the Germans elected Adolph Hitler. 

The Democrats nationwide nominated Floyd for sainthood and started defunding the police. Yes, I realize you think I am  joking. Ivy League graduates determined that  the way to reduce crime was to eliminate the presence of  police officers. 

Oakland jumped on the Democrat bandwagon and limited the number of police academies for training new officers. They also froze  the 911 “Surge Units.” Yes, this is how the Democrat brain works. If they coached the Baltimore Ravens, they would take off the field two of their defensive players in order to stop Patrick Mahomes from scoring.

During this same period, Oakland’s budget for public worker retirement benefits rose 42% and the spending on fringe benefits rose 34%. According to the Wall Street Journal, using Democrat math, Oakland spent more on government worker benefits than it collected in property and sales taxes. When faced with a huge deficit, Oakland’s Democrats responded as expected and cut back spending on law enforcement. 

As an aside, when Manatee county’s current commissioners attempted to rein in the power of the Manatee county bureaucrats, the Democrats howled and  the local Democrat online media predicted disaster. 

Meanwhile in Oakland, last year robberies were up 22% over a three-year average. Auto burglaries were up 23%, carjackings up 15% and motor vehicle theft was up 29%. According to the Wall Street Journal, one of every 30 Oakland residents had a car stolen last year.

In the ultimate put-down to the Democrats of Oakland, In-N-Out announced it was closing its restaurant in Oakland because of rising crime. Surprise, Surprise.

Maybe the leftist Democrats can open a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop to take its place. 

In-N-Out has announced it will focus their growth on Texas and Tennessee. If you elect Republicans, you have law and order and businesses thrive. Elect Democrats and crime rises and the businesses that were “In” are soon “Out.”

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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