If you wonder why Biden and the Democrats are following the talking points of Hamas and working for an Israeli-Hamas ceasefire; it is all politics. Biden cannot be re-elected without the full-fledged support of the supporters of Hamas.

Dearborn Michigan is a case-in-point of Biden’s dilemma. Dearborn is a Democratic stronghold. The city is overwhelmingly controlled by Palestinians who support Hamas. When Hamas invaded Israel and killed women and children and raped young women and kidnapped hundreds of civilians, the voting citizens of Dearborn celebrated loudly. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, there was a rally at the Ford Performance Art Center that cheered the Hamas attacks. A local Imam shouted at the event that Israel’s conduct has put “fire in our hearts that will burn [Israel] until its demise.” That same Imam has an organization that received $150,000 from the Homeland Security Department. 

Another rally was held in Dearborn that featured another Imam who called October 7 “one of the days of God” and “a miracle come true.” 

This area is a hotbed of support for Hamas and hatred for Jews. These people make no attempt to hide their feelings and their racist dogma. This area is also known as a hotbed for support for worldwide terrorism. 

Why is this possible in the United States? It is possible because bureaucrats in the State Department were happy to allow these Hamas supporters entry into the United States. They have since been given citizenship. Remember, these Palestinians consistently vote for Democrats and the State Department is overwhelmingly staffed with Democrats. 

Biden and the Democrats are now worried that these haters of Jews are angry and may not support Biden in the Presidential election. Biden recently sent an aide to let the Hamas supporters in Dearborn know he needs their continued support. 

This is the reason Biden is currently pressuring Israel to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas. Not because it is the right thing to do but because it is what Biden’s Palestinian voters have demanded. 

The mainstream media always talked about the “dog whistle” issues that Republicans supposedly used to get racists to vote for them. Now the same mainstream media is working with the Democrats to get the racist Palestinians to vote for the Democrats while refusing to report on their hatred of Jews. 

Remember, this is the party your local Democrats and online newspapers are trying to return to power in Manatee County.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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