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The Mainstream Media Has A Leftist Agenda

The recent rioting in Ireland has exposed how the media often refuses to report the entire story if the story does not conform to the media’s political view. On November 23rd, a man stabbed a school employee and three children outside of a school in Dublin, Ireland. The suspect was a 49 year old Algerian-born man. 

Rioting with destruction began soon thereafter when the suspect’s background was reported by a web-site. The rioters expressed frustration with the Labour Government of Ireland’s lax immigration policies.

The headlines emanating from Ireland have omitted or sidestepped the fact that the rioters were frustrated with the immigrant’s ease of entering the country. The mainstream media does not wish to acknowledge that the public has a legitimate frustration with the correlation between lax immigration rules and the resulting increase in criminal activity. 

It is interesting to note how different stories are handled by the mainstream media. If an immigrant commits a crime, the media will avoid reporting on the race or ethnicity of the suspect. Juxtapose that with the mainstream media reporting  on a black suspect who is shot by a white police officer. 

The mainstream media has no problem reporting on the race or ethnicity of a suspect if the suspect is white. The opposite is not true. 

How can we explain the different approaches by the media? The obvious explanation is that the mainstream media believes that a white cop shooting a black suspect is proof that there is systemic racism of whites against blacks.

When a black suspect assaults an Asian American, this does not fit their belief that whites are the oppressors. The result is that the mainstream media buries the fact that the Asian American was assaulted by a black person. That is a story they ignore. 

Over the past decade, the public has witnessed the way the mainstream media avoids reporting on incidents that counter their leftist philosophy. 

The reaction of the public to the dishonest media has been to tune them out. The ratings for the mainstream media continue to plummet. The public is voting with their clickers and refusing to tune in to the leftist media. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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