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Burn Down A Business And The Democrats Will Give You A Check

We were told 3 years ago that if we gathered in church we would cause the death of many people because of COVID.. People across our country were arrested for going to the beach or worshiping at church. Forget about the mental health benefits of gathering at church, the Democrats and Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) told us. 

Suddenly, the Democrat base started rioting over criminals being shot by police. Black Lives Matter became the catch-word of the day. Rioting took place in many cities and small businesses were burned to the ground. 

Democrats refused to condemn the rioting and instead began kneeling down in front of the rioters to show their support. Business owners who had their businesses destroyed were told to rebuild and apologize for their white privilege. Dr. Fauci determined that if you were attending a Black Lives Matter protest (not church) it was possible to gather in groups without contracting COVID.

I know it is hard to understand the reasoning of Democrat minds. Just remember, if you are an “oppressed minority” (not Asian), you can riot, burn down businesses, burn police stations, rob department stores and beat elderly Asians on the streets and the Democrats will refuse to prosecute you. America’s cities are slowly decaying because Democrats refuse to prosecute law breakers. (This refusal to prosecute does not apply to January 6th lawbreakers)

Denver is the latest example of a Democrat controlled city that believes that rioters who are black have a special status. The Denver City council has approved a $4.7 million dollar payment to Black Lives Matter protesters because the city enforced a curfew when minorities were vandalizing and burning businesses to protest the death of the criminal, George Floyd. 

Guess what will happen the next time a black criminal is shot by police. A black rioter knows they can riot and loot businesses without worrying about arrest. They also know that if the police use force to stop them from burning and looting,they will get a big check from the city. 

This is the America of the Democrat Party. This is what Manatee Democrats want to bring to our county. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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