Footage of the 9-11 attacks never fails to bring back the exact emotions I felt on that day 22 years ago.

It was our generation’s Pearl Harbor – a day that only lived in infamy for a couple of generations as America moved on from the historical consequences of Dec. 7, 1941.

How many of us really pause on that anniversary and how many will pause for 9-11 in the next generation or two?

As many problems as Fox News has had in recent years, I am appreciative of their annual coverage of 9-11 and is one of the few networks that still run their unedited footage of that fateful day to include the horrible images of those poor souls who had to choose between burning to death or jumping to their deaths.

It’s crazy to me that there is an entire generation reaching the drinking age that were not even born on that day when it lingers so fresh in my mind and heart.

I am also reminded on a yearly basis of how proud I was to have George Bush as our president and how dangerously close we were to having Al Gore instead.

Can you imagine how 9-11 would have been handled under a Gore administration? It wouldn’t have looked a lot different than a Biden administration two decades later and the epic failures we have witnessed in the last two years to include Biden’s fatal surrender in Afghanistan.

Americans always say, “We will never forget.”

Very few of us adhere to that. It’s in our free society nature to live day to day and too many Americans simply move on, opening the door to fatal mistakes because as a nation we forget the most critical key to success by not remembering – and thus not learning from – our history.

Watching the ceremony this Monday morning brought back a lot of anger, frustration and sadness. Seeing Kamala Harris and her communist colleagues that oversee New York politics these days made me even angrier.

Seeing our incompetent secretary of defense at the Pentagon ceremony made me even angrier.

Biden, of course, became the first president to not attend a 9-11 ceremony. He’s stopping off in Alaska (today) for some 9-11 event as he returns from his ineffective trip to Vietnam as he continues to solidify America’s relationships with communist countries where American blood was spilled.

That includes China where brave American pilots made such a huge difference in stemming Japanese aggression in China before America was officially involved in WWII.

How soon China forgets. How soon democrats forget. Coincidence that communists and democrats have that in common? I don’t think so.

American blood will be Biden’s true legacy, and he couldn’t care less as he proves over and over again.

Harris’s smug face in the center row of the NY ceremony was a sickening sight. Gov. Kathy Hochul smirking off to Harris’s left was even worse.

It’s a stark reminder that America’s fight for survival is not over. The only thing that’s changed is the faces of our enemy and the fact that our most dangerous enemies aren’t just overseas somewhere. They are among us, claiming to be Americans.

It is infuriating to think about all of the Americans who sacrificed their lives over our existence to reach a point of our nation’s history where we have those in power seeking to dishonor that sacrifice.

It’s heartbreaking.

2024 can’t get here fast enough. I have to know where we stand as a country and this coming election will tell me whether America will stand as the shining beacon on the hill or whether her light is steadily fading until the inevitable darkness consumes us all.

I have to believe that there are still enough Americans who understand what’s at stake, recognize their awful voting mistakes in 2020 and are willing to do what’s right in 2024 to save a nation in peril.

All I know is that the oath I took only expires when I do.

There was a lot I wanted to get to for this visit with you but 9-11 is too important to ignore.

It was a banner week for democrats, however, as the New Mexico governor actually suspended our second amendment rights under the guise of a public emergency.

As we learned during COVID, the government is capable of seizing complete power over our lives under such a pretense. This governor said a rash of shootings was sufficient to declare a public emergency, making her believe she had the right to take away your Constitutional rights.

She’ll lose in court, but she’ll get her way in the short term and the fact that a liberal politician can strip away your freedoms – even for a moment – should be a wakeup call for every American.

But as we have proven here time and again, there are Americans who don’t want their freedoms. They have an innate desire to be the sheep.

How anyone believes taking such an action to suspend the rights of law-abiding gun owners while somehow believing criminals will comply is beyond me.

All she did is to give the advantage to those who are doing the shootings in the first place.

This is democratic thinking defined.

I am just stunned at how often Americans put stupid people into powerful positions.

That, of course, starts from the top down with Joe Biden.

I’d like to think Americans can see the obvious, but then again, they voted for Obama twice. I get that we as a people can let emotions get in the way of common sense.

I understood the first election of Obama, but his second election was when I realized the sheer amount of stupid that infects our population.

So I await the 2024 election with a lot of anxiety. Have we learned our lesson? Can we overcome the democratic cheating machine? Have we reached a political awakening and understand that democrats put party over country?

Have we grown in our wisdom?

Obama’s second election gives me pause, but Biden’s administration has been so much worse, so I hold onto hope that yes, America finally gets it.

I guess we’ll see.

My continued prayers for those we lost on 9-11, the hundreds more who have died from various diseases in the aftermath of the destruction and thousands of American warriors who gave their lives and limbs in the following two decades of war to bring justice to those who hate us.

May God not forget us. May God not give up on us. May God continue to bless the United States of America. Only the intervention of God’s good grace will prevent the firestorm to come.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth because we certainly aren’t getting any help from the liberal world that surrounds us.

Facebook recently notified the Manatee Herald that it would be suspending the Manatee Herald Facebook page. Facebook put out a 24-hour notice of this suspension if the Manatee Herald didn’t take steps to re-authenticate our page.

I would note that Facebook started the 24-hour countdown on late Saturday evening.

It’s pretty clear that was intentional because who is going to be around from Saturday evening to Sunday evening? Shady liberal tactics.

As of this writing, I don’t know if we were able to meet this tactical attempt by Facebook, but I’m sure we’ll get it figured out. More importantly, I can share as always to other groups.

However, as I have tried to say several times over, our battle to spread our truth while fighting the suppression by Big Tech is real.

We need you. Share, invite your friends and let us grow our Conservative community.

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