The Democrats and the American left are terrified of the structure of the American family. Karl Marx also did not like the structure of the family because he viewed it as a threat to state control. During the Cold War, many Soviet children were removed from families deemed anti-Marxist and put in state-run nurseries. The Soviets understood they could indoctrinate young children and have obedient subjects for life. 

Hillary Clinton was promoting a form of this indoctrination when she claimed that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Today’s leftist Democrats endorse the concept of the “government village” raising children without the parents being involved. 

During the pandemic, the Democrat controlled teachers unions demanded that schools be closed to in-person schooling. These Democrats did not realize that they were committing an unforced political error. With the students forced to go on-line from home, many parents were able, for the first time, to listen to the lessons their children were taught. 

Tina Descovich, a founder of Moms for Liberty, had not paid close attention to what her son was taught in his public school until he brought home an assignment and announced that he had received a 100% grade. His paper consisted of his creating a “Wanted” poster for  Christopher Columbus for “crimes against humanity.” Descovich decided that it was time to start investigating her local school. 

Over the past few years we have seen the leftist curriculum that the Democrat school unions  have developed. Books that give diagrams on how to perform anal sex are considered necessary for elementary schools by the Democrat teachers unions. Public school teachers have become focused on gender issues and ignore teaching about the  positive points of American history. Attempts by concerned parents to remove these books from school libraries are criticized by Kamala Harris. The Southern Poverty Law Center labels concerned parents as terrorists. 

Parents across our country have had enough. As these concerned parents have organized, the Democrat controlled school districts have fought back.

New York State’s Education Department instructs school districts to keep information about a child’s gender identity from their parents. These schools are loaded with social workers who encourage vulnerable children to change their sexual identities. At the same time they demand that the parents be kept in the dark.

The Biden administration brags about the fact that federal funding has increased the number of public-school social workers by 37% since the pandemic. The Democrats believe that the public schools know better than parents when it comes to raising children. 

It is not surprising that public school enrollment is dropping in Democrat controlled states like New York and California. Parents are discovering what the schools are teaching their children and how poorly the schools are performing. Many parents are finding alternative ways to educate their children. 

Fortunately, groups like Moms For Liberty are staying fighting back against the public school establishment. They have exposed how the public educators try to hide their poor results. They are exposing the fact that poor performing school districts are not allowed to pay more for better teachers. 

Throughout history, reformers have fought back against government abuse of power and incompetence. Often these reformers, like today, are smeared by the leftist media. Moms For Liberty has ignored the criticism and fought back like momma bears protecting their cubs. They realize that the education establishment has threatened the future livelihood of our children by failing to provide a quality education. Finally, the public is also fighting back against the unions and the Democrats are worried.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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