We are living in a world where pampered children believe their sexual preferences, gender dysfunction, or skin color is a hardship that should allow them automatic entrance into the school of their choice. A recent poll at Brown University, an Ivy League school, revealed that 38% of the students did not identify as straight. This is quite an anomaly as nationwide only 7.2% of the population identify as LGBTQ+. One might question how such a high percentage of students identify as non-straight. 

Many of the students of the highly rated colleges have lived a pampered life when compared with a majority of Americans. These students are the products of a society that invented participation trophies. Many of these students have not worked at a job where they were required to show up for work at a certain time. 

Many of these sexually confused students are responding to leftist admission counselors at many of our universities. These admissions counselors have made it clear that victimhood status  is a necessary ingredient to gaining acceptance at their schools. If you have been living a pampered life, vacationing all over the world, flying private, how can you claim to be a victim. You cannot claim racial discrimination if you are white, unless you are Senator Elizabeth Warren. (Many college applicants are doing genetic testing to find a small percentage of some minority group in their genetic background)

If you are white with a European genetic background, you have limited choices to convince admissions counselors that you are struggling in life. Sexual or gender identity issues may be the one issue to bail you out. Claiming to be gay or bi-sexual or a woman trapped in a man’s body allows you to strap on (sorry for the pun) the costume of a discriminated group and get an inside track to college admissions. 

This country was built by people who took risks, worked hard, endured tough times and persevered through real adversity. Many of these people were subjected to discrimination. They did not, however, spend the rest of their lives talking about the obstacles they had to overcome. They endured tough times.They worked hard and persevered. 

Today, many  young people talk incessantly about how they are the victims of some sort of bias or discrimination. Their leaders in the Democrat Party  constantly remind them of their victimhood status. As a result, these young people feel entitled to  preferences in school admissions and hiring opportunities. 

Often, the preferences they receive eliminate the need for hard work and the growth that comes from learning through failure. Look at how many of these young people want their college debts to be erased and ultimately paid by the young people who were not able to go to college. 

By avoiding the storms of life, these young people do not establish the deep roots that keep one stable during the tough times. When the storms of life come, they want a cop out and free pass from enduring any pain.

 If they are obese, they are told by Democrats that their genetics caused it and they should flaunt their obesity. If they have low test scores but they are gay, trans or black, they are told they have a right to enter medical school and  get a degree. (Before too long you may want to confirm that your young male doctor has been to a strip joint just to make sure he did not get free pass to medical school based on a sexual preference)

The cult of victimhood is being endorsed by the Democrat Party and college admissions counselors all across the country. The long term impact of this will be a country full of weak people and a country that is no longer the leader of the world. 

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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