We have had to deal with the lunatic fringe on the left for a long time, but the disease of liberalism appears to be more contagious than we originally thought just a few years ago.

There is a lot of evidence that points to that, of course, but I think the recent congressional hearings involving the IRS whistleblowers and the appearance of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the censorship hearing, as well as the recent release of a FBI memo containing evidence of a Biden bribery scheme really seals the proverbial deal.

The FBI, to no one’s surprise, did everything they did to conceal the memo regarding a $10 million pay off to Joe and Hunter Biden for Joe to use his political influence to get the Ukrainian energy company into the U.S. market.

We already knew about it, but the FBI memo confirmed it and we already knew the left wing media would go silent on it, as this bombshell of a report goes mostly unreported or the more extremists media outlets tell their sheep viewers there’s nothing to it and just another Republican conspiracy.

And, of course, I say this a lot but it needs to be said: Joe Biden was recorded on video doing exactly what Pelosi’s minions tried to impeach Trump over. 

Republicans certainly have our share of division. We have the RINOs who try to divide us from within and there are plenty of everyday Americans who lean to the right, who have decided to become Independents.

Conservative-leaning Independents are truly more independent than former democrats who are growing the Independent ranks.

We have previously gone into great detail about the Independent movement, but to sum it all up, we can just say that Conservative independents truly vote the candidate, and not any one party. Leftist Independents, on the other hand, largely still vote democrat down the line.

They may have come to their senses about their party, but not so much when it comes to their voting history.

I can understand why some former Republicans found it necessary to depart the party. Our party can be frustrating at times in the way we shoot ourselves in our own foot with the infighting and then elect candidates who dismiss their constituents in lieu of their own ambitions.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you already know my biggest warning to candidates is to tell them that their election isn’t a coronation. And yet – particularly at the local level – it happens more often than not that our officials believe they were crowned king or queen.

They go from being friends and equals while running for office, to viewing us as peasants with one swearing in ceremony. Well, there’s a reason why the Republican Party’s mascot is an elephant. We don’t forget.

But we’ll get to that as election season draws near.

And to be Captain Obvious for a minute, there’s a reason the democrat party’s mascot is a donkey. It’s because they are all jackasses.

We know how democrats treat Republicans at our nation’s highest levels. We’ve watched in horror at the Supreme Court nominations going back to Clarence Thomas. We know how disgustingly low democrats will go whether it’s been a SCOTUS nominee like Brett Kavanaugh or the continued coup against Donald J. Trump.

But more and more we see how democrats treat other democrats who dare to step out of line and actually have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing.

RFK is a good example of what I mean in saying he’s an old school democrat who I disagree with more often than not, but at the very least he believes in productive debate.

RFK truly believes in unifying Americans even if we share different politics. But he is only just now beginning to understand that his old thinking as a democrat doesn’t exist anymore within a party that is unrecognizable from the days of the Kennedy political empire.

And don’t get me wrong, I could go on and on about the Kennedy’s criminal rise to power and their own Game of Thrones participation.

But RFK simply wanted to appear before Congress to tell his story about Big Tech’s efforts to censor him and within a hearing about censorship, his fellow democrats made every effort to censor him.

It was the ultimate irony and listening to democrats after the hearing say such contradictory statements like, “We weren’t censoring him but at the same time we don’t want him saying anything,” is so very much a typical democrat thing to say.

And to have someone like democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz pretend to have some kind of moral standing in lecturing Kennedy was laughable.

Wasserman Schultz, of course, had to step down as DNC chair after the DNC email leaks that showed she was directing the DNC to plot against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 primaries.

It was the only thing that can count as a consequence that came out of those emails that showed blistering proof of democratic corruption. Shortly after, the Russian collusion shiny object was tossed out there and everyone was too easily distracted from the truth of those emails.

I’m not sure what they put in the water over there in the Fort Lauderdale area for this blatantly corrupt woman to win reelection after her scandals, but it’s certainly not a precedent for how democrats vote.

The more corrupt you are, the more voting democrats seem to love you.

As interesting as it was to watch democrats eat their own during the RFK appearance, it got equally disgusting for Joseph Ziegler, a democrat who has all the qualities the democrats like to put forward – unless he has the audacity to tell the truth.

Ziegler essentially confirmed the corruption within the DOJ in the same way former FBI agents did when they came forward recently to talk about how the Hunter Biden crimes were not being pursued. Those agents, most of whom are military veterans, were equally disparaged and insulted by congressional democrats.

I don’t know how any sane democrat can look at their party and think everything they do is OK. But then again, do you even know a sane democrat anymore?

Like I said, most of them are Independents now and some like Georgia State Rep. Mesha Mainor and NC State Rep. Tricia Cotham have left the dems in favor of Republicans.

Cotham’s move to the right in April was significant in that it gave the North Carolina house a super majority. But Mainor’s move is more significant to me and a hopeful sign of the times ahead.

Mainor is only starting her third year in politics and I’d wager she’s someone who didn’t pay a lot of attention to politics before getting involved. My theory is that she probably towed the blue line for most of her adult life because that’s just what was done. Blind party loyalty without understanding the issues.

But Mainor ran for office because she cares about kitchen table issues, particularly education. It didn’t take her three years to figure out just how little her fellow democrats feel about their peasant servant constituents.

She began working with Republicans fairly early on and finally got the courage to make the switch to where her Conservative family values truly belong.

Her reward has been death threats and a democratic barrage of profanity, insults and lies.

That’s the democratic party of today. It’s hysterical to me that dems actually call Republicans Nazis when it is they that use Brown Shirt tactics in intimidation, manipulation, misinformation and mob violence.

But as we have learned, if a democrat is accusing a Republican of anything, it is they that are doing that very thing.

I know there are more dems out there like Mainor. They haven’t yet found the courage to make the switch and one really can’t blame them when they see what happens to their colleagues.

But in the comfort of the ballot box, I would hope they are voting their conscience for a change.

That continues to be my last hope for the future of America. That so-called normal democrats are at long last seeing their party for what it is. That it is the democrats doing the things they have long accused the Republicans of doing.

For the blind party loyalists who fall into line with the anti-American policies of the left, there is no hope. They are on the wrong side of history. But surely there has to be enough normal so-called democrats who are waking up to the truth just by watching how their own behave?

One can only hope and we Conservatives will gladly welcome them into our fold.

Our movement is not rocket science. We simply understand that there are real global threats and need military readiness to react. We believe that we should have more of our hard-earned money and less government reliance.

We believe that the Constitution is a rock solid foundation of America and not a living document that needs to adapt to new philosophies designed to change America.

We believe in faith, family and community. We believe in a law and order system that doesn’t celebrate the criminal and re-victimize the victim.

We believe that parents have more rights regarding their children than politicians and educators.

We understand the fundamental dangers that exist with this progressive movement and that it wants to steal your freedoms, give the government control over every aspect of your lives and would gladly surrender your way of life to foreign enemies.

As I have outlined in the past providing science that the left doesn’t want to follow, liberals are generally self-hating individuals who lack faith and family values.

To sum up that extensive piece I provided to you, liberals are miserable people who can only find happiness when they drag others into their misery.

So you tell me, which one are you? I will never understand democrats who choose to follow a doctrine like that one and yet call Republicans extremists for loving our families, our God, our country and our children.

The great awakening continues. There is still time, albeit not a lot left. Soon we will reach a point where everyone is awake and it is at that time, final choices have been made.

It’s time to have the courage to pick a side.

Stay vigilant my friends and keep informed. Thank you, as always, for the positive feedback and please keep helping us in our own fight with Big Tech censorship and keep sharing our truth.

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