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Tales from the Mark Side: Mr. Smith goes to Washington and … Subway?


Jack Smith, the so-called “special” counsel that is now bringing official allegations against President Donald Trump regarding some alleged role in the Jan. 6 protests, is a puppet.

It’s actually a shame that a man that has spent his professional career with a respectable amount of integrity was forced by this Biden administration to attach himself to their blatantly corrupt puppet strings.

Smith, who has blown some key cases in the past, has done some important work over the years, especially his war crimes investigations while working for the UN, or Useless Nations as the organization is better called.

Smith has already shown that his so-called integrity is an illusion and that he is, in reality, just another D.C. swamp creature who bends the knee to the powerful corrupt elites to willingly do their bidding with no true moral compass.

Smith has proven to those who pay attention that serving his masters is more important than serving the American people – a very typical democratic personality disorder.

It’s pretty evident that this alleged “independent” counsel has the Biden DOJ fingerprints all over it. We already know how corrupt Merrick Garland is with his investigations into parents and infiltration of Catholic churches, to name a few.

So as we ponder Trump’s 756th indictment, give or take a few, I’m once again stunned at the stupidity of the left. I heard one democrat talking head say today, “How many indictments is it going to take for people to understand that maybe this man (Trump) committed a lot of crimes?”

Well, my response is how many indictments is it going to take for democrats to admit that this is both election interference and a continuation of their failed coup attempts while Trump was in office?

How dumb can liberals be? Ah, never mind. That’s a rhetorical question since we know they still believe Trump colluded with Russia, extorted Ukraine even though Biden was the one who did it, led an “insurrection”, etc., etc., etc.

The announcement that Trump will likely be indicted by Smith for using his Constitutional right of free speech on Jan. 6 has the leftists in the DNC propaganda media already in love with Smith.

That should really tell you everything you ever needed to know about Jack Smith.

CNN took it to the next level, however, following Smith into a Subway sandwich shop and did a several minute piece on the important matter of what Smith had ordered and why he chose Subway.


The news that matters like when leftist reporters ask Biden the hard questions like, “What flavor ice cream did you get?”

So, very much like the criminal Fauci and Michael Avenatti, Smith is being hailed an American hero by the lame stream media. It’s only a matter of time until another hailed hero by the left wing media implodes.

If I were Smith, I’d be worried when progressive media gets behind me. History has not been kind to the media darlings of the left.

We all remember Avenatti, who represented stripper Stormy Daniels in some hush money scheme against Trump. Avenatti not only had no case, but then philosophically screwed Daniels.

But the likes of CNN and MSNBC were literally and publicly calling for Avenatti to run for president before his scandal finally broke loose. Fauci’s crimes, of course, are inching their way into the light, but I doubt Fauci will ever face consequences in today’s two-tiered justice system.

In fact, he won’t only not face consequences even though the evidence is mounting against him that he lied to congress and participated in a cover up that killed a million people, but we also continue to pay for his security detail.

Charges against Trump regarding classified documents are publicly moving forward while the alleged investigation into Joe Biden for actually committing document crimes doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Wonder why? Because that investigation is not an investigation. It’s just an easy thing to say, “Oh, it’s under investigation,” and we’ll never see a single detail because Biden will be dead before justice even considers moving a wheel.

The truth in America today is that our federal government investigates noncrimes and doesn’t investigate actual crimes. It’s no longer the Justice Department. It’s the Injustice Department.

And let’s not even get started on the cocaine found at the White House. How does an agency whose core mission is security can’t figure out who brought cocaine into the most secured facility in the world?

I think we know the answer to that question, too.

So we are left bewildered yet again as outlets like CNN put so much emphasis on what Jack Smith is eating for lunch and calling his visit to Subway a “message to Trump.”

What’s the message to Trump about Smith going to Subway?

That he’s human and needs to eat? That he prefers a restaurant that hired that little National Anthem kneeling blue-haired boy on the U.S. national women’s soccer team as their spokesperson and is OK with it?

I, for one, used to love Subway, but my message has been not to go ever since they gave that little soccer boy a platform. That the traitor is even allowed to represent the USA squad is frustrating enough.

That little blue-haired boy has announced his retirement more than Tom Brady and says this will – once again – be his last World Cup.

I’m sure the FBI will be at my door for calling Rapino a blue-haired little boy as the progressive left tries to criminalize anyone misidentifying another person’s gender. Truly, I’m not sure what Rapino prefers but blue-haired little boy seems to fit.

I still root for our women because there are also patriots on that squad, but it doesn’t hurt my feelings when they lose because of that little blue-haired boy doing something dumb.

And that’s a shame, but reality nonetheless.

Stay vigilant my friends. Our great president didn’t quite drain the swamp, but he lowered it enough to expose all the true swamp creatures within it. They are angry and on the attack.

Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

On a quick side note, thank you to so many of you who reached out to me after our last visit about my birthday prophecy. It reminded me that we all have a story to tell and I felt each of your emails to the core of my soul whether it was just kind words or sharing similar struggles.

God bless each and every one of you and thank you so very much.

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