There are many things about the left that common sense Americans don’t understand, but perhaps the most frustrating is the left’s failure to understand the reality of how we are the Land of the Free because of the brave.

The people who use their hard fought freedom of speech to say vile things about American warriors are one thing, but the ignorance that spews from the left about American independence as a whole is equally sickening.

Joe Biden’s recent comment that he was “right” about his disastrous Afghanistan surrender just proves once again that you can’t fix stupid.

Despite several reports now that outline Biden’s failures, he admonished a reporter who were actually doing their job in asking Biden if he had regrets about the surrender, to which Biden responded that the reports prove he was right.


Jimmy Carter, and most democratic presidents in recent history, have had horrible and embarrassing foreign policies. As much I will admit that Bill Clinton had pretty good domestic policies, he’s another that embarrassed America across the globe.

As incompetent as Carter and Clinton were on the world stage, they weren’t completely indifferent toward our troops, even if they mishandled our military.

Obama was clearly dismissive about the very military that keeps America free, but Biden tops them all in how he simply doesn’t care about the American concept as a whole.

His decision for a wholescale surrender that resulted in American deaths, his dismissive and insulting checking his watch as those dead Americans returned home and now his narcissistic refusal to accept any blame by claiming he was right all along makes him a disgusting human being.

We can pull up a thousand things and talk about how dumb the left really is, but it’s their misuse and abuse of the freedoms given to them by others that tops them all.

I stand ready to fulfill my oath at any time, but no one wants to fight for leadership who doesn’t care about them or wants to fundamentally alter what this country means at its very heart and soul.

That is self-evident as recruitment across all branches of service has dropped dramatically under Biden and his woke generals. What man or woman who loves their country wants to fight for leadership who hates their own country?

And I don’t use the word “hate” lightly but the reality of it all is that if you lie, cheat and steal in an attempt to change this country into something it was never meant to be, then it makes sense to say that they hate it as it is now.

Otherwise, why would they be trying so hard to change America into a socialist global society?

That’s not what men and women fought and died for and is counter to everything Independence Day really means.

I view July Fourth in the same manner as Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

People light off fireworks without understanding what those fireworks really represent as Francis Scott Key outlined in the Star Spangled Banner as he watched the British bombard Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.

But then again, the left can’t even tell you who fought in that war, why or even who won if you ask the average liberal on the street.

Hell, I’ve seen some of these man-on-the street interviews where so-called Americans don’t even know who we fought in WWII, much less provide an accurate outline of a more complicated war like the Spanish-American War and its significance.

It’s just a chance to light fireworks. Nothing more. It has no meaning whatsoever to those on the left and the morons who vote for them.

Not understanding how America became free and remained free is the ultimate misuse and abuse of personal freedoms by those who did not earn them.

It’s easy to recognize that some liberals are just enemies of America and don’t really hide it anymore. But for most of the left who just vote because they think they’ll get free stuff or who would vote only because they believe their right to murder an unborn child supersedes the greater good is the problem.

It is an ignorance of America on a grand scale. It is like the rich kid who is given everything and earns nothing. They grow up spoiled, entitled and demanding.

The left has been given their freedoms. The left did not earn those freedoms and are spoiled, entitled and demanding.

They have no concept of the freedoms they have or why they have them and that, my friends, turns my stomach like nothing else.

Maybe I’m different in the way it all affects me? Maybe it shouldn’t anger or depress me to see my beloved nation under attack by sheer stupidity?

Maybe I should celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks and not give a thought about what Independence Day means? Maybe I should just cook burgers and hot dogs on Memorial Day without giving thanks to those who sacrificed for my cherished freedoms?

Maybe I should not give so much thought to history so that we may not repeat it?

No, screw that. I’m an American and I don’t care what anyone’s birth certificate says. Not everyone deserves that title. There isn’t a liberal alive that can convince me that they are an American.

But you are. Stay vigilant my friends. They hope we will give up, but we will not. Celebrate America’s birthday, keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

Happy Independence Day to all who remain true to the patriot memory and carry forward that patriot spirit.

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