The Supreme Court recently ruled that the race-based college admissions policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard University are not constitutional. The Court determined that the policies of these schools violated the 14th Amendment. 

For years these schools denied admission to Asians who had much higher test scores in favor of minority students. This widespread practice among universities is similar to the discriminatory practices they had many years ago against Jews because they did not wish to have “too many Jews” in their schools. 

After the Supreme Court announced the decision, the mainstream media went into histrionics crying about the negative impact this ruling would have on Blacks and Hispanics. The leftist media is asserting that Blacks and Hispanics cannot compete with Whites and Asians on a level playing field. 

The Democrats do not assert that Blacks and Hispanics are genetically inferior to other ethnic groups. Everyone understands that all brains are alike no matter what your ethnic group. The Democrats do say that past discrimination has left Blacks and Hispanics with inferior educations.

If this is the case, why do the Democrats continually oppose any attempt to improve the education of Blacks and Hispanics and poor Whites? Everyone is aware that the public education system in our country is a failure for most minorities. For years, the public school systems in minority communities have failed to give children a decent education.

A major reason the public school systems in minority communities are failing is the unions that represent the teachers. Randi Weingarten is the head of the American Federation of Teachers. She and her organization have opposed any attempts to remove bad teachers from the public school system. 

The former Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent, John Deasy testified in a lawsuit brought by minority students last decade that it can take 10 years and $250,000 to $450,000 to fire a lousy teacher. Think about that idea. Less than .002% of teachers in California were dismissed for unprofessional conduct or poor performance. 

It is a vicious cycle of failure. Less experienced teachers are assigned to lower-income neighborhoods. The education unions will not allow these poor performing schools to recruit better teachers by offering more money. As a result of these union rules, students in these schools, many of whom are minorities, are robbed of the opportunity to succeed. Do the Democrats really care? No, they blindly support the education unions and the minority students suffer.

When these minority students from poor performing schools attempt to go to elite colleges, the Democrats say they should be given admission in place of better performing White or Asian students. The Supreme Court has said that is unconstitutional. The Democrats then scream that the Supreme Court is racist. 

Imagine if an NFL team had a terrible coach and had numerous losing seasons. Should that team be allowed to compete in the Super Bowl because they had more minority players? No. The team owner would fire the coach and replace him with a better coach who could help the team play better. 

Why should this not apply to public schools? The time has come to call out the Democrats who refuse to hold the teachers accountable for poor results.  

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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