I’m a big fan of Vikings.

Not the Minnesota Vikings. As a Giants fan, we have a history of bad playoff blood.

I only liked the Vikings one year while Brett Farve was there, but solely because I was hoping Farve could humiliate the Packers, which didn’t happen.

And I only disliked the Packers because my ex-wife and her family are big Packer fans. So go easy on me Packer Nation. If you knew that family, you would understand.

But I digress.

So I am a fan of the Viking mentality, as well as the medieval time period as a whole. Things were simple back then in how differences were settled.

I’ve said this before but I like the concept of settling those differences by picking up shields, swords, spears and axes, and facing each other on the battlefield.

There is something beautiful in its brutal simplicity and I think there is a little Viking in everyone who walks into a recruiter’s office and volunteers for combat units.

As Patriots, we don’t differ much from that Viking mentality and we approach the defense of our freedoms with equal vigor. Not just veterans, but anyone fighting for freedom and American values is a Patriot and so many of you, my friends, are examples of that.

The biggest difference between now and then is that the fronts of war vary now and are more complicated than the simplicity of just living in an era where stabbing, slicing and hacking your enemies was the easiest solution.

Today’s war to preserve our way of life – under the illusion of civilization – offers more opportunity and ways to fight than being combatants alone. But our desire to suppress the true human condition and willingness to live the lie of civilization also makes it more complicated.

I could not say whether this path is more civilized or, in reality, less civilized than the old ways. It seems to me that – without the consequence of a bloody battle – we are forced to be more devious while pretending to be civilized within our political system and the struggle for power.

Democrats are natural born cheaters and their devious strategies have forced our hand. Now we fight a frustrating defense against such tactics instead of going on offense with a handful of sharp objects like our ancestors would have most certainly done.

This is the kind of warfare today’s Patriots who still live by certain honorable codes find to be frustrating and hard to comprehend. The so-called political war turns the stomachs of honorable men and women because we witness the dishonorable nature of American politics.

We see the left’s devious behavior but we have allowed ourselves to be constrained by the rules of so-called civilization.

In the old days, the devious behavior was focused more on the person they were trying to unseat. That remains true today, but I think the difference is how the citizenry as a whole is betrayed more today by those seeking power.

The violent battles through history were the ultimate winner-take-all mentality and the brutality of hand-to-hand, face-to-face combat just seems to me, would be much more satisfying than shooting an enemy down range or blowing them up from the sky.

At least in the sense of a scenario when you really, really, really dislike your enemy. It is part of our DNA to crave that feeling of our sword plunging into the hearts of our enemies and watching the life drain from their eyes.

Or maybe that’s just me? I often admit and acknowledge that I may be more blunt and to the point than most, but I don’t think I am alone. I am just more honest about it.

I am a man who would rather meet my enemy face to face than fight a shadow war of deceit and dishonor where true consequences are virtually nonexistent.

I think most people have had someone in their life where fantasies of violence were involved. But we suppress those human instincts under the civilized illusion.

It’s a truth most don’t want to admit to, but I never have a problem with telling the truth no matter how my words resemble the bluntness of a war hammer or the sharpness of a blade.

When push comes to shove in specific instances when lives are in danger, violence remains the only solution lest you allow it to be inflicted upon you.

What natural born warriors don’t understand is why do we wait for that to happen when we recognize the threat of its reality? Why do we not intercede when we recognize danger and just sit back and let others make the first move?

Because we are allegedly civilized? Because we must abide by man’s laws?

That is the reality but it conflicts with the human condition and I would argue is why most people live their lives with an unhappy frustration because we are forced to imprison our natural instincts for the sake of an illusion that hangs by a thread.

The old days were a time where war cries shattered the silence of a cool, foggy morning, followed by the sounds of hundreds of people charging at one another, followed by the clashing sounds of steel against steel, followed by the screams of your enemies being cut to pieces.

Ah yes, it’s why I call those historical periods the good old days and if I were across the battlefield from today’s liberals with ax in hand, I would charge with a happy heart. I would be a liar to say otherwise and I would never lie for the sake of political correctness. I will exercise my freedom of speech. In short, you can have my expressed thoughts when you pry them from my cold, dead brain.

We’re not supposed to say such things in today’s world because we’d be accused of such nonsense like, “inciting violence,” or “hate speech” or other silly statements that deny the reality of the human condition and its innate desire to inflict harm upon other humans who want to see themselves in control over every aspect of your life.

It’s the concept of the old “Bubba” defense where you say, “Well, your honor, he needed killing.”

While I admit that level of DNA may be more pronounced in men like myself, it is there within all of us. It’s just a reality that perhaps lies dormant in most. But it is there. There is a warrior within all of us – well, most of us.

History also is full of victims and today is no different.

So have we really changed from the days of Viking raids and medieval religious persecution and corrupt oppression?

Not really.

To say that we are a civilized species is an outright lie and a denial of who we are. Civilization is just a suppression of our natural instincts.

My point is that everyone, even the warrior, desires peace. But it is the warrior who recognizes when the wolf is at the gate and takes action. He or she does not wait for the wolf to enter. Civilization puts a leash on that natural instinct to Cry Havoc, Let Loose the Dogs of War in the presence of visible danger.

Medieval politics were brutal and more often than not led to assassinations, treachery, betrayal, oppression, revolutions, coups and slaughter.

The only thing that has changed in thousands of years of human existence is that we hide behind the lie of civility and the blood letting is done in the shadows in countries like America that casts the civilization spell upon its citizens.

Americans living in their bubbled existence really believe that such things in America don’t occur anymore and a mere mention that someone like Hillary Clinton was involved in the deaths of her political enemies is something they believe to be outrageous.

And yet those same people don’t blink an eye when leaders of Russia or North Korea routinely kill off their enemies. They expect such things because they can see a country like Iran as medieval in nature but slip into denial that the struggle for power in America can be just as ruthless and corrupt.

They live under the illusion that America is different and exists within the fake world of, “It can’t happen here.”

Well, we’re not different. We just hide it better.

Our government kills people all the time and when convenient has no qualms about sacrificing Americans at the proverbial pagan altar to achieve political goals.

We still have patriots rotting away in political dungeons after Jan. 6 while those who burned down cities for two years continue to walk free and riot when called upon by leftist traitors who support and fund such anti-American causes.

Have we really changed?

Only in the sense that we allow it to happen because “civilization” has taught those who are corrupt that there are no medieval consequences to their actions.

As we are seeing, there is no justice for the powerful. Their only consequence is perhaps they lose an election but their sins go unpunished.

Perhaps there is less blood in today’s political world, but the level of betrayal and treachery remain as equally intense as those medieval days. And as we saw in the Russian collusion hoax perpetrated by corrupt politicians and rogue “justice” officials, attempted coups are alive and well in America.

There is good reason that the overwhelming majority of Americans have lost faith in our government and its institutions. But what does that really change?

What good is a great awakening to the truth and the shattering of this illusion really worth when the all-powerful government machines keep churning out its products of corruption, attempted oppressions of freedoms, and outright betrayal of its people?

This is what I struggle with.

I continue to hope that the great awakening will prove that this system we have created for ourselves will ultimately work. I have my doubts when there are never consequences for the criminal acts perpetrated by the left who grow stronger under our very noses.

We see it but what are we really doing for accountability? 2024 will determine more than you think. It will determine whether Americans choose corruption over justice, and thus, choose the fate of a nation.

I can only hope that it’s not too late, but I also hold out hope that our great awakening has arrived in time to stave off the dark clouds gathering on the horizon.

We shall see.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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