It never fails to amaze me how we ever survive as a species – and perhaps our luck will run out one day as we’ve discussed many times over.

Whether it’s the wrong virus released, a madman pushing the nuclear button or Conservatives continuing to allow liberals to be in charge because of Republican infighting, the doomsday clock sits at 11:59 p.m.

Perhaps this opening greeting is why one reader likes to call me, “Dark Mark,” which I adore and to which I should change the name of this column.

It’s not that I just call it like I see it, have a dark – sometimes sarcastic sense of humor – but see the world for what it is: a dangerous place where the stupidity of man reigns supreme.

In other words, I’m gifted with common sense and can sniff out bullshit from a mile away. What never fails to astonish me is that I have to consider those things gifts. But we know how many people lack those abilities, so gifts they are and I know I’m blessed to have them.

We know the left is crazy and lacks common sense. They also emit the majority of bullshit that requires sniffing out. The scary part is how some Republicans are starting to resemble the left. Not in the political sense, but more so the crazy part.

Honestly, Conservatives should detach ourselves from outdated political parties and just start calling ourselves common sense Conservatives.

My worry is that I’m not sure there are enough of us anymore even if there is, on the surface, a lot of us.

We are certainly different from democrats and simply a different species altogether than progressive liberals. But we are – more and more – separating ourselves from so-called Republicans who also still fail to see the truth in the saying, united we stand, divided we fall.

There are many things Trump’s rise to the presidency exposed. They include the truth about the media, the truth about the deep state swamp and the truth about the left’s corruption and tyrannical goals.

Most of us already knew those things, but Trump was the first to prove it as reality.

But Trump also has exposed the weakness within the Republican Party and it boggles my mind that so many of us can have the same goals but differ on how to achieve them.

As I have always said, I personally have a love/hate relationship with Trump. I love it when he talks about policy and his love for America and Americans. I also hate a lot of what he says when he launches himself into an ego trip.

But what do I care about his ego and narcissistic tendencies when the man can do the job I need him to do? As a NY Giants fan, I have hated Tom Brady for his entire 93-year NFL career.

But had Brady for some reason come to the Giants during his heyday, I would have loved the guy. The presidency is no different. You can hate the guy all you want, but when he’s president, he does the job we all as Americans love.

America becomes the global equivalent of a Super Bowl championship. How is that a bad thing?

I get why the left hates Trump. I can even understand why some Republicans aren’t a fan, but it escapes me why any Republican would hate him enough to undermine him when it’s his actions that get the job done.

Trump broke the mold of what a politician does. Trump tells the truth – for the most part – he puts us first, which means he actually puts America first and his four-year record – despite brutal leftist attacks – was the Conservative model to success.

Trump kept more campaign promises than any other politician in history. In short, when he says something, he means to see it through and we aren’t left with saying, “Just another politician who makes empty promises.”

Trump raised our expectations and maybe that’s why some Republicans can’t stand him either, because now we have a standard. Now we expect the person we voted for to do what he says and says what he means.

Imagine that.

And yet, I still hear some Republicans say they would never vote for the man.


We are living through the consequences of that mentality now so why in the world would anyone who calls themselves a Republican even consider making the same mistake again in 2024?

I say that with the assumption that every Republican is on the same page, on the same side if you will. But with Trump’s emergence we discovered the real dangers of RINOs.

I don’t put all RINOs into the same category just because they don’t like Trump. It’s time for a new category for any and all Republicans who would actually not vote for him in a head to head showdown with any of these lame democrats.

It’s either we find a new category for these kinds of Republicans or maybe it’s time to recognize that America-first patriots can simply no longer identify as part of the Republican Party.

Something has to give.

Some are shifting to be Independents but unsatisfied – somewhat reasonable – democrats who are sick of their party are beginning to control the Independent movement.

They might be a little more reasonable than their leftist counterparts, but their policies still suck and too many of them vote their feelings instead of using common sense.

I am seeing a lot of Conservatives distancing themselves from Republicans even if most are still voting with a R in front of their names.

Patriots are making their identities known in various group names and I recently joined the group Constitutional Party of the United States.

Establishment Republicans should be taking note of these early warning signs that true Conservatives are growing impatient with the Republicans who believe they are still in charge of the Conservative movement.

The not-so-funny fact is that some Republicans hate Trump for his ego when they are failing to look in the mirror and see their own inflated egos.

They believe Trump divided Republicans when all Trump has done is expose fake Republicans like Chris Christie, Liz Cheny, Mitt Romney and others for what they are. Trump hasn’t divided Republicans. If you are someone who puts personality over policy, you have divided the Republican Party.

And don’t get wrong here. Some Republicans just believe that Trump isn’t electable anymore. They believe Trump represents the danger of losing what should be a very winnable 2024 election.

Well, that’s fine and it’s a reasonable argument worth discussion and debate. That’s what primary season is all about.

But if Trump wins the nomination and you still won’t support him because you got your feelings hurt along the way, then leave our movement or at some point, we’ll be the ones packing our bags and saying goodbye to the Republican Party once and for all.

In conclusion, united we stand, divided we fall isn’t just a battle cry. It’s a political fact.

Again, I’m not endorsing Trump or any other Republican candidate through the primary season. In fact, there are a handful of candidates right now that I wish were doing better.

I love DeSantis and Tim Scott. I’d stand behind them in a heartbeat if they were the nominee but at some point other facts have to be acknowledged. If Trump survives his latest legal battles and emerges as the GOP nominee, you can bet your ass that I’m 100 percent behind him.

Most of the candidates right now won’t even commit to signing a pledge to support the eventual nominee no matter who he or she may be. What does that say about the internal conflicts within the GOP?

I’d like to see our path back to the White House look different than it does. But it doesn’t. This is the road we must walk. So it begs the question, do we finish the journey or just sit under a tree and quit?

It is my hope that all this anti-Trump talk from within our side is strictly primary talk. But I know there are factions that represent people like Chris Christie in this cycle and like Jeb Bush in the 2020 cycle that will prove they don’t deserve an R in front of their names when they put their feelings ahead of what’s best for America.

And what’s best for America is what’s best for you and I. Elite politicians and wealthy, entitled Republicans don’t suffer when the price of groceries and gas rise.

They are the people who shop without looking at the price tag. Most of us are not the same.

They may lead the Republican Party but they are not the Republican Party. We are – for now.

I, for one, feel the impact of a crappy economy. I feel the embarrassment of democratic foreign policies. These are the things that decide my vote.

I don’t vote personality. I vote America. I don’t defend any president. I defend America. I am an America-first Conservative and Constitutional Patriot.

It was always my understanding that is what the Republican Party represented. Come 2024, we’ll see if that theory still holds water.

Stay vigilant my friends. Battles are ahead. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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