Artificial Intelligence.

On the surface, it sounds like an oxymoron – kind of like military intelligence where our top thinkers believed it would take up to two years for the Taliban to take back Afghanistan upon Joe Biden’s surrender.

The secondary definition of “artificial,” is “insincere,” or essentially fake, like giving your boss an “artificial” smile in the morning when all you really want to do is punch him in the throat.

Artificial sweeteners, for example, are disgusting because they are neither sweet or real and typically bad for you because it’s manmade.

Biden is another example. Any semblance of intelligence attached to him is a public relations creation like a CIG apocalyptic landscape in a move. It’s fake. It’s manmade. It’s artificial.

Biden has no intelligence. He is a blithering idiot who destroys everything he touches and has done so for the last 50 years.

And yet, even though people knew that, some mean tweets swayed their vote in favor of bringing our country to its knees. The left is plagued with the definition of “artificial” intelligence.

So it just doesn’t feel right in my gut to say “artificial intelligence” when it comes to a creation that is smarter than humans.

And let’s face it, a cactus is smarter than half this country so surpassing human intelligence by a computer program isn’t a difficult task.

Those of us who were either growing up or experiencing the 1980s as young adults were given all the warning signs surrounding the dangers of AI thanks to flicks like War Games and Terminator.

Those movies came out in 1983 and 1984 respectively so we were inundated with the dangers that the future could bring if it was mismanaged and advanced without consideration of consequence.

And there was TRON, Total Recall (1990 but made in the 80s so it counts) and Blade Runner.

It was a decade of warning after warning. When you compare it to other decades, the 70s’ biggest AI warning was Westworld.

Other than the continuation of the Terminator series, the 90s’ best warning was the beginning of The Matrix trilogy. The first two decades of the 2000s have been mostly remakes of the 1980s AI disaster flicks.

Then you have movies who want to make AI your friend and offer touching portrayals about whether humanity should declare manufactured life as actual life.

The movies Artificial Intelligence and Bicentennial Man are examples of that, but are countered by such flicks as I, Robot.

I’m not sure if I’m offering you a point here or just some trivia, but if there’s a point in here somewhere, it’s that the dangers of enhancing the capability of AI are not new, and yet, we are doing just that in a similar path that even the artificial intelligence of a Hollywood producer could figure out.

The point, in essence, is that AI, like any technology, can be mishandled, criminalized and/or weaponized. And when it comes to humanity, if it can be, it will be.

We are already seeing how quickly AI is being criminalized and because it’s being criminalized, it’s already been mishandled. The next step is weaponization of AI and it will become just another weapon we created to destroy ourselves.

So we have created a battle of artificial intelligence vs. artificial intelligence based on the meanings of artificial, which equates to both “manmade” intelligence and “insincere” intelligence.

In other words, we are pitting our own self delusion about being intelligent against the creation of an actual intelligence. Humanity vs. AI?

Gee, I wonder who will win.

Humanity’s advancement has been due to its thirst for knowledge, but humanity has not overcome its flaws in order to understand the consequences of the knowledge we achieve. Humanity’s thirst for knowledge is founded in greed and greed is ignorant of consequence.

We accomplish one goal and are never satisfied. We always want more. We are obsessed with limitless ambition and continue to focus that obsession on things that will destroy us.

The artificially intelligent left is a good example of that. Their thirst for power and insatiable greed moves the progressive left toward the destruction of all. They are just too “artificially” intelligent to understand that their actions include their own self destruction.

From the advancement of nuclear weapons, to chemical weapons to biological nightmares, we are now creating the next great thing that could actually destroy life as we know it. But now, it’s not a 1980s sci-fi flick.

The old adage of the road to hell is paved with good intentions is a good way to describe our journey into AI.

The problem, as always, is that humanity believes everything is meant to happen – or will never happen – in our lifetime, depending on what great discovery or what global disaster is the subject of conversation.

In other words, every generation believes they are entitled to what they want now but be careful what you wish for, because what benefits you today can destroy you tomorrow.

Just look at the lethality of nuclear weapons in a single lifetime. From the atom bomb just 60 years ago, to supersonic missiles that can carry multiple warheads hundreds of times more powerful than the atom bomb.

We’ve done the same with chemical weapons and viruses in a single lifetime so what chance does humanity stand in a dozen lifetimes from now as we keep throwing more things onto the self-destruction pile?

So when I say this is a battle of artificial intelligence vs. artificial intelligence, it is really a battle of artificial intelligence vs. common sense.

Perhaps as I grow older, I can start thinking that maybe the great human reset might not happen in my lifetime, as I always believed it would. But the great reset is most definitely coming and what we do today matters tomorrow.

And yes, that does come down to politics because Conservatives are blessed with common sense while the left is cursed with artificial intelligence.

The scariest thing about the quick advancement of AI is that it is being done under the supervision of this Biden administration. If you don’t think AI falls under the category of elections have consequences, think again.

Stay vigilant out there my friends. The world is a dangerous place and getting more dangerous every day. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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