College campuses have evolved into leftist communes because the business community has been too busy growing their businesses and not focused on what has been taught in the classrooms. George Bernard Shaw famously said: “Those that can do; those that can’t, teach.”

Universities have become a landing place for leftist ideologues who hate the free enterprise system and long for a socialist state that allows leftists to make the rules. Oddly, these leftists who preach about socialism and protecting the working class, are highly paid and do very little work. These leftist professors like Senator Elizabeth Warren, are quick to exploit the system to enrich themselves. 

FILE – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis addresses the crowd before publicly signing HB7, “individual freedom,” also dubbed the “Stop Woke” bill during a news conference at Mater Academy Charter Middle/High School in Hialeah Gardens, Fla., on Friday, April 22, 2022. As Republicans and Democrats fight for control of Congress this fall, a growing collection of conservative political action groups is targeting its efforts closer to home: at local school boards. DeSantis endorsed a slate of school board candidates, putting his weight behind conservatives who share his opposition to lessons on sexuality and what he deems critical race theory. (Daniel A. Varela/Miami Herald via AP, File)

One man, Governor Ron DeSantis, decided that enough is enough and has moved decisively to end the leftist’s control of college campuses in Florida. DeSantis made it clear that the state universities could expect less funding if they continued to spout exclusively the leftist agenda. He began standing up to the education bureaucrats. Two years ago, after a solid year of online classes at Florida’s universities during the pandemic, DeSantis put his foot down over the objections of university bureaucrats and demanded that in-person teaching return. 

The Florida Democrats and the education establishment predicted there would be death and destruction. In reality, classes resumed and  there were no medical issues. Across our nation, other Governors bowed down to the education elites and the students suffered. 

DeSantis has demanded that state universities return to their intended function of educating students instead of indoctrinating students. One example of this is the transformation of New College which was a failing leftist campus propped up by timid Republican politicians. DeSantis has thrown out the leftist establishment at this college and started a pathway to making New College a place where students are exposed to all points of view. This has angered our local Democrats.

While it may seem that DeSantis’ actions are simple, you must remember that the Republican party has controlled Florida for two decades. The Republican politicians were afraid to challenge the leftists who were running the state universities. Parents of university students were shocked to see what their students were being taught but the Republican elected officials would shrug their shoulders and say there was nothing they could do to change the outcome. Occasionally, an outlier like Carlos Beruff, would challenge a local college establishment but most of the elected officials would avoid the negative press that resulted from standing up to the education elite.

Governor DeSantis has also pushed back against the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda that has been pushed on university campuses. University presidents were afraid of being labeled as bigots so they allowed liberal sociology majors to be employed to teach students that they were inherently racist if they were white. This group of educators began indoctrinating young gullible students who were afraid to push back. 

DeSantis ignored the reticence of the Republican establishment and demanded an end to funding of DEI programs on university campuses. DeSantis’ action in ending these DEI programs was the equivalent of the “shot heard around the world ” at the battles of Lexington and Concord in America’s War of Independence.

If one needs an example of how ridiculous America’s education establishment has become, just open your local newspaper. Robin Williams, a Sarasota educator, wrote an editorial claiming that the leaders of New College were racists because they changed the college’s mascot to the “Fighting Banyans.” This educator claims that because the Banyan tree is brown, the school was making a racial stereotype against black people. This educator is emblematic of the type of people that have had free reign in educating our children. 

Governor DeSantis has exposed these people to the light of day and they are running for cover. DeSantis is a leader who can withstand the bricks hurled at him by the Florida and Manatee Democrats. He can accomplish all of this without getting indicted every other month. (Apologies to the Trump supporters) Imagine what DeSantis could do for our country.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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