I hope everyone who is choosing to use a male pronoun had a great birthing parent day on Sunday.

Although I’m not sure the father is really a birthing parent. Wouldn’t we be more of a birthing depositor?

We really don’t do much when it comes to having kids. I give women all the credit they deserve, which is why moms get gifts, flowers and fancy dinners while dads get what most dads want – just left alone to enjoy their day.

After all, we may have created the child together but the equality of it all ends at that point. From there, it’s the moms who develop the child for the next nine months.

All the responsibility of that child falls onto her and she should get all the credit.

Fathers should take a moment to admire that about a woman, swallow our pride a little and admit that when we meet our beautiful baby for the first time, it was the woman in our lives who did most of the creation.

On the plus side, that allows us dads to love our wives as we both nurture the child and then blame our wives when our beautiful children turn into hateful teenagers.

Let’s face it, it’s at that point when we finally admit that, “Hey, all I did was deposit the seed.”

Fortunately for the crazy left who dismisses biological science as quickly as they dismiss the science that proves they suffer from a mental disorder, biology isn’t my greatest point of knowledge.

My football coach taught biology in high school and the players were all required to sit in the back of the class and study the playbook while the rest of the class studied biology.

We were all given B’s each semester until the coach got caught sleeping with one of our cheerleaders. Needless to say, he was fired and an actual biology teacher took over the class. We are all so far behind that we failed the final semester and the final.

But hey, we knew our playbook like the back of our hand, but that didn’t do us any good because we obviously had a new head coach with a new playbook as well.

We went from win-win to lose-lose in the speed of one illegal and illicit affair.

Fortunately, we compiled enough Bs while he was there, which was enough to pass the class so as far as I know, humans are the same as some frog species and can change sexes depending on their environment.

On a side note, my coach could have been a double for Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Not sure why I bring that up other than to wonder what in the hell was wrong with that particular cheerleader.

In what world does a hot little 16-year-old cheerleader take her eyes off of us high school athletes and decide an old Bill Belichick is the sexy one?

It was weird back then but in today’s world where anyone can identify as anyone or anything, she could have easily said she identified as an older, heavyset woman to explain away her attraction to an old heavyset man.

I’m surprised the left hasn’t fully attacked Mothers and Fathers Day yet since they attack anything attached to a sex-related pronoun.

If you think about it, this nonsense really began with the war on Christmas. We enabled it for far too long because we didn’t really give it a lot of creedence in the beginning.

Like most of what the left does, we just thought it was stupid that anyone would find Merry Christmas offensive and we laughed it off. But it wasn’t long before we noticed that our corporate masters were beginning to announce details of the “Holiday party,” instead of the Christmas party.

Schools began doing the same thing and like most things about Conservatives, we found ourselves in an unexpected fight over just another thing that didn’t register as common sense to us.

We know the rest of the story. The war on Christmas then expanded to the war on Valentine’s Day, then Halloween and then to flags, statues and ultimately to gender identity.

Now we find ourselves in situations like in California where the state senate passed a bill that makes it illegal for business employees – to include loss prevention – to interfere with shoplifters.

At least we can find comfort in the fact that California will die before America does.

We gave the lunatic left a foothold during the war on Christmas and like a beach invasion, the left established a beachhead and continued to advance. We found ourselves on the defensive and it’s taken years for us to put together a counter offensive to drive this sickness from our shores.

Hopefully, anyway.

There is a moment in the movie World War Z with Brad Pitt that I think is a wonderful example of how Conservatives have to approach today’s world.

It’s when Pitt travels to Israel over a memo that mentions the word zombie. The short story is that the Israeli council has one member that is required to disagree with the other nine members and make an argument to the contrary of the other nine no matter how far-fetched it might seem.

In return, the other nine members who were in agreement that an unexplained situation was due to whatever reason, had to investigate the 10th member’s claim.

It initially saved Israel from the zombie horde because – ironically – they built a wall based on the 10th man’s determination that a zombie outbreak was going to happen even though it sounded crazy at the time.

So if Conservatives would have had a similar council when rumors that the left were going to push, endorse and encourage young children to undergo gender surgical transformation, nine of us would have said, “Oh, that’s ridiculous. Impossible. They would never take it that far.”

But the 10th man’s responsibility would have required him to develop a plan to counter that agenda and the other nine would have been required to listen and act.

The important thing to know is that we keep thinking the left can’t go any further. We think they’ve peaked. We believe that it just can’t get any crazier.

Well, as your 10th man, I’m required to disagree with that sentiment. It’s my responsibility to argue that we haven’t seen anything yet.

If action isn’t taken, free elections in America will be a thing of the past as the left maneuvers for full control. The 50 stars on the flag will be changed to 50 hammers and sickles of the old Soviet Union.

If the left achieves their electoral goals of stealing every election, say goodbye to your guns. And when they get your guns, say goodbye to every sense of liberty you’ve ever known.

They will change laws to benefit their socialist agenda. They are already coming for your guns, your children, your businesses and your freedoms.

We are running out of time to make a difference under what’s left of our electoral system. The left’s cheating can still be overcome with outspoken Conservative unity.

I’m still not convinced Republicans are capable of unifying and that, my friends, is why we are in the position we find ourselves in today. We are here because some so-called Conservatives don’t want the 10th man system because selfish ambition overrides the need to save our country.

RINOs are just as despicable as the left.

I may never be an official 10th man of a Conservative council, but I’m identifying as one and so should you.

So as I said a month ago, happy Mother’s Day and as I say today while preparing this visit with you, happy Father’s Day and in a few months, I’ll say Merry Christmas.

We speak our truth here. It’s our responsibility as Conservatives, Americans, men and women and as the 10th person.

It’s also our responsibility to stay vigilant, keep informed and not only speak our truth, but share it and share it often.

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