New York has been taken over by leftist Democrats who allow men in their underwear to walk down the street while twerking in front of children. These leftists mock Christians as they simulate anal sex on the sidewalks. The Democrats who run the City of New York smile and say this behavior is normal. If you question this behavior, you are called a right-wing extremist and the Attorney General of the United States, Merrick Garland, will investigate you as a domestic terrorist.

It is not surprising that the City of New York has lost 500,000 people in three years. More and more people realize that “the inmates are actually in control of the asylum.” Who would stay in a city where the police are leaving in mass numbers? The NYC police realize that NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg is a buffoon who is determined to release criminals without bail after they are charged with crimes.

In New York City, Asian-Americans are being assaulted on a regular basis by blacks who attack them in a similar fashion that blacks were attacked in the south years ago. District Attorney Bragg is more concerned about protecting LGBTQIA people from feeling inferior than he is about protecting Asian-Americans from black hate crimes.

How do Bragg and the Democrats get away with their bigotry? Never forget that the press protects Democrats or RINOs. 

The City University of New York (CUNY) invited an anti-semite, Fatima Mohammed, to speak at their law school graduation. This bigot spent her time on the podium attacking Israel and Jews. This is allowed in New York City because the Democrats are in control.

Since we see the Democrats in New York City don’t care about crime, racism, and public indecency, what do they care about? What really upsets Democrats in New York City is coal and wood fired pizza ovens. Attack an Asian American: no worries. Shop-lift from stores: no worries, you probably deserved what you stole. Spout racist views against Jews: that’s ok. Walk down the street in your undershorts while twerking in front of kids: you are considered a brave American who deserves a full month of honor. Fire up a pizza oven: The City of New York will shut you down because you are an evil person.

Remember the Boston Tea Party? The citizens of Boston, prior to the Revolutionary War, invaded a British ship and threw British tea into the harbor as a protest against a British tax on tea. 

In New York City, this past weekend, Scott LaBaido went to City Hall and threw pizzas over the fence to protest the attack by Democrats on pizza ovens. LaBaido is one of the ever decreasing number of New Yorkers with common sense. 

New York Conservative Scott LoBaido’s “New York Pizza Party”

Citizens of Manatee County, we are fortunate to have elected Republicans to our county commission. These commissioners understand the value of limited government and lower taxes. Unfortunately, the Manatee Democrats and former RINO commissioners do not agree. They are determined to put the bureaucrats back in control in Manatee county. They are plotting with some of our state constitutional officers to take back over the county commission and put their liberal agenda back in play. 

In the words of Patrick Henry: “give me pizza or give me death.”

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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