Can someone please find me a reasonable liberal? I just have not been able to do it despite having – more than I care to admit – democratic friends.

These are intelligent people but finding a shred of common sense within them is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

These same people post outrage that some Target stores pulled their gay pride sections and then post celebrations over other Target stores who kept them.

So let’s be very clear what the issue is here: Our children.

The idea that it’s OK for Target – or any other brand – to sell gay and/or trans friendly clothing to young children is insanity.

I try to tell my liberal “friends” when they celebrate a Target store keeping this apparel on display, this isn’t a gay discussion. It isn’t about adult gay clothing. It’s about exposing our children to things when they are still too young to process what it is they are seeing.

I saw a video with some actress – and I don’t know who she is – where she was complaining about her Target pulling the apparel. She actually said her 7-year-old is nonbinary and she was furiously upset that her child won’t understand why the apparel was pulled.


Does your 7-year-old understand what nonbinary even means?

There is a reason I know how hard it is to find a pot of gold being guarded by a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow. Because when I was 7, I was chasing after rainbows trying to find the little guy with the gold.

I was influenced by Lucky Charms. Imagine if I had a mother telling me I should explore my sexuality as a 7-year-old? I would be easily influenced even if I didn’t understand what I was doing.

So when you have this kind of mother in the world, we live in dangerous times.

There was a time when social services would get involved with a mother who was pushing her child into being something they might not be. It was called child abuse not that very long ago.

A 7-year-old will be influenced by whatever their parent is telling them and clearly this “actress” is thinking she’s some woke higher being by convincing her child he or she is not a she or he.

It’s criminal. And she had the nerve to call people like me a terrorist for simply expressing the obvious facts that none of this is OK.

As I’ve said a thousand times over, I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t care if you are a man who likes to dress like a woman. I don’t care if you like to put on animal costumes and have sex with other people in animal costumes. (That’s a real thing, by the way.)

I don’t care if you identify as a baboon or a South American banana. If you are an adult and want to do any of those things, go live your best life.

But for the last time, it’s not about what you want to do. It’s about forcing that stuff onto our children. And if you are a parent who thinks that is OK, who believes a 7-year-old has any kind of clue as to what they are saying when they call themselves nonbinary, then you shouldn’t be a parent.

If your child grows into an adult and says, “Mom and dad, I identify as a baby and like to wear diapers,” then it’s time to have a conversation about lifestyles.

Target, in the meantime, has lost $10 billion in value. The LA Dodgers will see some financial pain after giving men who like to dress up like nuns a community hero award. Bud Light is still in a downward spiral and Coke still hasn’t learned its lessons in becoming “Woke-a-Cola.”

Coke is lucky because Conservatives hadn’t gotten into full activism mode against Coke when they stepped all over themselves by publicly condemning Georgia’s voting bill – which makes voting easier with more accountability – sponsoring the Chinese to host the Olympics and several other anti-American decisions.

Plus, they are just an awful company. Google them and you’ll see how their corporate executives piss all over their peasant employees. If they do that, imagine what they think about you and I.

I, for one, switched to Pepsi products, Coors Light and I’ll never walk into another Target store again.

I was never for corporate boycotts because I know the workers are essentially victims of their corporate masters. I know how that works, after my time in journalism, but it’s time to fight fire with fire and show these woke companies that we won’t be silent any longer.

We have to take up other actions because we have spent decades trying to reason with liberals to no avail. That strategy has gotten us nowhere. At some point, we just have to admit that the sickness of liberalism is being spread to children.

But that’s just who liberals are. They want schools, the government, social networks, strangers and the media to raise their children.

We want to raise our own children.

Even though we can’t talk common sense with liberals, we still must keep sharing our truth. Don’t let them tell you this Target debacle is about gay rights. It’s not.

This is what the left does. They manipulate the facts and their ignorant following simply jumps in line and makes ridiculous assumptions that we are some kind of terrorists because we don’t believe a 7-year-old should be encouraged to wear a tuck-friendly bathing suit.

With that said,I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day.

My intention today was to focus on what this day really means, but I somehow don’t believe that’s necessary when it comes to my fellow patriots here.

I thank God we still exist and not only have eternal gratitude for our brave warriors who paid the ultimate sacrifice, but I’m thankful for you for being a part of another major battle to save the soul of our beloved nation.

We fight this battle for us, for our families, for our future generations and we will not stop fighting to preserve what our fellow Americans sacrificed their lives for.

If there was any holiday that should be celebrated for a month, it’s Memorial Day. I’m not sure how gay pride got a whole month, or black history got a whole month.

Those men and women who gave up their lives deserve it so much more and yet, they get a single day that far too many Americans don’t understand.

I watch these little segments on Memorial Day plans, and people don’t even acknowledge what the day really means. They just say they are grateful for an extra day off from a “hard day at work.”

Well, these people don’t have a clue what a “hard day at work,” is until they find themselves in a situation where their work entails dying for the freedom of others.

And I’ll close with saying something about the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, whose ads have been popping up on my feed trying to have a “Memorial Day Sale.”

Memorial Day is definitely not about sales, especially a newspaper sale. It’s disgusting to use Memorial Day as an opportunity to make a buck and there is a reason people call the Sarasota Herald-Tribune the SHT paper – (pronounced shit paper.)

And that, my friends, is today’s truth. Share this truth, stay vigilant and keep informed.

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