I know the Manatee Herald will take some heat for allowing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusive writer like myself staying on board.

But I am a proud Conservative, white, heterosexual older man and I give full credit to the Manatee Herald for being bold enough to keep someone like myself around.

I’m white and I’m right, so get used to it!

It’s not like I could find work elsewhere. My skin color prohibits me from taking on careers such as acting where whites won’t be hired for such Egyption roles as in Netflix’s Cleopatra.

No, Egyptian roles are reserved for an entire black cast because it’s clearly important to stay true to history and not cast Egyptian actors instead.

That wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

I can’t find a role in TV commercials anymore unless I’m acting as someone married to a man or a black or Asian woman.

Unless it’s a Medicare commercial for some odd reason.

I can’t work as a prince at Disney unless I was a woman or a woman pretending to be a man, although I do see I can work as a princess there now, so maybe there’s hope?

Apparently I don’t even have to shave to work as a princess at Disney. That’s convenient.

Hell, maybe Disney could consider me to play Ariel? She’s gone from white to black so why not go from woman to man? I could be the next Little Merman? Or just keep it at Little Mermaid because who’s going to notice the change?

It’s not like any of us noticed when Bewitched switched Dick York out for Dick Sargent to play Darrin Stephens. Bewitched – like so many other shows back then – were appalling for having the audacity for having straight men married to straight women, and even worse, straight black men married to straight black women.

How dare they!

What were all these white people thinking back then? Were they pushing an agenda for the creation of a White History month? Did they think they had their own TV stations? It could be called  WET, or white entertainment television?

OK, WET sounds a little porn-ish so maybe we can come with a better title.

But if that was the goal, then it’s disgusting, and very typical, white behavior.

So I think it’s important that the Manatee Herald has shown the courage to be different in employing someone like me.

It’s necessary to include more straight white Conservative men in today’s conversation whether you like it or not. I don’t think we get enough credit for our courage to say we are proud white Americans.

After all, white people only represented 90 percent of the Union military forces in the Civil War, 87 percent of the WWI American forces, 90.4 percent of American forces in WWII and so on.

What right do we have to express an opinion?

I think we should be ashamed of ourselves for overpopulating America and take a note from Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy when he said every white man should get on his knees and shine the shoes of another white man in shame and humility for what the white man has done to the white man.

Oh, wait, that’s not what he said, which is why he hired a black guy to be the company’s DEI executive. That’s why I love what the Manatee Herald has done in employing a white guy like me to be your DEI spokesperson.

Most would think a white man can’t be a DEI executive because what does a white guy know about DEI?

Well, if you break down the diversity, equity and inclusive concept, it’s called normalcy. Normal is something that we’ve been for a very long time in our hiring process where most of us normal people hire the best qualified people regardless of race, etc.

The woke left just happened to come up with a new name for normal and now DEI is as ridiculous as affirmative action was.

It’s essentially the new affirmative action, which after a few years people finally figured out was reverse discrimination. That’s all DEI is now – putting one segment of the population ahead of the other.

If you’re white, but the most qualified, too bad. You should be ashamed of yourself that you’re not a Pakistani transgender coconut dressed like a rabbit who spends more time in their safe place than the workplace, but demand double pay and maternity leave even though you are a man who dons rainbow colored makeup.

But there is hope, perhaps, because you could always identify as something like that and then maybe you have a shot.

Or just check the nonbinary box on your HR forms and when it comes to race, checking the “other” box is your safest bet.

In short, DEI is a bunch of unnecessary bull crap created by a small group of entitled people who truly believe that society somehow owes them something.

Well, we don’t owe you crap.

I’m just your typical white guy and I would wager my life has been harder than most. I don’t ask for anything from anyone and don’t believe for a second that anybody owes me.

This whole concept of DEI and the push for reparations fueled by white guilt and black activists is beyond stupid.

No one owes you a damn thing.

I’ll hear something about my Civil War reference where the government went back on their word to give black union soldiers 40 acres and a mule.

White soldiers topped out at $16 a month and weren’t promised a thing. What happened was the Civil Rights Act of 1866 where all men, regardless of color, were allowed to pursue land rights.

In essence, it was equality, though I don’t deny the struggles of the free black people for the next 100 years.

My point is that boo hoo, the government lied to you. It’s what they do. They still lie to us all the time. And though veterans today get to enroll into the VA system, it’s socialized medicine on steroids and you still can’t get dental.

Dentistry is the biggest racket of all time. Most dentists are extortionist, up-selling racketeers, which is why even as a veteran it’s 99 percent impossible to get dental treatments.

Ever notice that most dentists are white? What’s up with that? Maybe we should stop attacking statues, flags and nonexistent discriminations and start focusing our ire on dentistry where you pay for expensive insurance that doesn’t cover most of what you need done.

Now where is the equity in that?

For the record, DEI will always represent Dale Earnhardt Inc., and not diversity, equity and inclusive. I know that’s about the whitest – or DEI – thing I could say in today’s visit but RIP Dale. NASCAR was never the same without you.

Stay vigilant in this crazy world my friends. As always, keep informed. Knowledge is power against the loony left and though you’ll never win an argument with them, facts will shut them up.

In closing, I’d just like to say that when it comes to DEI, it doesn’t include liberals. I don’t like liberals. If you are a true Conservative regardless of skin color, ethnicity, sexual preference or one of those transgender coconuts we talked about, we can be friends.

If you vote blue regardless of any of those things, you just suck at being an American and I don’t like you. DEI is real simple for me. Be an American and you and I are friends. Be anti-American and you and I are enemies.

Color of your skin and Conservative? I don’t care. Sexual preference and Conservative? I don’t care. Liberal? Go screw yourself.

Until next time, my fellow Patriots, please keep sharing our truth.

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