There are times when I’m pretty sure that Facebook retaliates against me.

Not by restricting my account because even their army of 41,000 fact checkers can never dispute the facts I present in my postings.

That, by the way, is proof that every unqualified person out there who lacks intelligence and common sense can find employment – as long as it’s with a leftist organization.

However, that’s why I think Facebook’s path of retaliation is to constantly put pages from high-profile democrats on my feed as “suggested for you,” pages.

I never get a Conservative’s page suggested to me. It’s always some loony dem like Adam Schiff, which was the most recent suggestion Facebook threw on my feed.

I guess the fact that I have posted multiple failings of Schiff had nothing to do with that?

I normally don’t mind because I just have fun with it and post a comment mocking their failures and irritating their liberal base by presenting facts, which we all know they hate.

But I decided this time to take my time and read the comments on one of Schiff’s posts and it was self confirmation that there really is no hope anymore that liberals and Conservatives will ever be able to align ourselves for the common good.

Those days are over.

The thousands of liberals who commented on Schiff’s post, which involved another one of his blatant lies, were glorifying this lying traitor like he was a god.

It was truly disgusting – albeit eye opening – to read liberals in action thanking Schiff for everything he has done for America. There were plenty of people saying they wished they lived in California so they could vote for him.

Huh? Wow.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely not surprised in today’s wacky world where the left’s lunacy is on full display.

But it is solid reinforcement of my belief that America is no longer one country.

Proof is in the proverbial pudding when you look at how Conservatives are fleeing blue states for red states.

By the way, I’d like to welcome actor Scott Baio to Bradenton. We have our local political issues but you have found a Conservative stronghold where most things still make sense even when some of our elected officials aren’t who they say they are.

We sniff them out pretty quick around here though.

The problem with the political migration underway in America is that we aren’t really hearing about liberals leaving red states for blue states.

Why is that?

Because liberals enjoy living under tax and business friendly conditions and don’t want to live under liberal policies and yet they support the policies they don’t want to live under.

Make sense? Of course not, and that’s liberalism in a nutshell.

So for all those Schiff lovers who say they wished they lived in California so they could vote for Schiff – who’s stopping you? By all means, go to California and bend the knee to your liberal masters and fill their coffers with your hard earned money.

Walk the walk. Be the liberal you desire to be and go. I triple dog dare you.

You’ll get to live in a state where the L.A. Dodgers, for example, are going to select a group of transgender folks who dress like nuns as their “Community Hero” award recipients during their pride month celebrations.

If you didn’t see the story, the Dodgers initially invited this group, uninvited them due to backlash, but, not only re-invited them, they decided to give them this ridiculous award.

It’s just another example of how big money caves to the loud minority and we’ll see how that works out for the Dodgers.

I’m sure Dodgers stadium – and California – is one the last few sales bonanzas for Bud Light.

Now those that know me, know I don’t care what you do in your personal life. Do whatever makes you happy. I strongly believe that. But transgenders deliberately dressing up like nuns is both a cry for attention and a slap in the face to believers.

It’s intentional.

This isn’t about the Catholic Church. I’m not a fan. It’s about the symbolism of it. To name them community heroes is beyond insanity and so typical of today’s sprint by the woke to appease the lunatic fringe.

We talk a lot about the potential of a new Civil War and both the literal and figurative aspects of what that could look like.

I think the first step of seeing that scenario actually happen in whatever manner it may look like is this political migration.

The whole concept of the Red State and Blue State phenomena going on today points to the fact that Conservatives and liberals simply can’t coexist any longer.

Here in Florida, the NAACP and the biggest gay rights organization have issued travel advisories for our state. The person in the NAACP who issued that advisory lives in Tampa.

Is he leaving our fine Freedom State? I doubt it. He’s enjoying all of his freedoms and tax friendly environment so he’s not going anywhere. He’ll enjoy it all while complaining about it at every turn.

I, for one, welcome the advisories because any black or LGBTQ plus Conservative knows it’s nonsense. It’s only going to keep the black and LGBTQ plus liberals from coming here and I’m good with that.

Not because of their race or gender preferences but only because they’re liberals. The less liberals in Florida, the better.

And that’s the mentality of red states these days. We don’t want liberals in our states and Conservatives in blue states are flocking to that philosophical stance.

And let’s be honest, liberals don’t want Conservatives in the states they control.

So if you look at the bigger picture, the whole red state, blue state and political migration underway is essentially the foundation for setting up a two Americas system.

I’m not talking about our age-old two-political system. I’m talking about an actual two Americas system.

And believe me you, a two Americas system isn’t going to last. There is only one America and she belongs to us.

Just because American citizenship was your birthright only means you were lucky and does not define you as an American if you are someone who wants to fundamentally change what that means.

Liberals are not Americans. They are not patriots, as they claim. They don’t understand facts and they have no clue what patriotism is. Therefore, they have no understanding of what it means to be an American.

The next 20 to 50 years will be interesting. The divide between Conservatives and liberals is not something that can be repaired. It will only continue to grow, leading to an unavoidable clash at some point no matter who ultimately wins power.

In my opinion, a rebellion is already underway and everyone who pays attention is picking sides. I don’t know what the eventual clash will look like in real terms, but the current path is unsustainable.

Stay vigilant my actual patriots. Keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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