Another slow news week.

All we’ve had this week – so far – is actual banking evidence of Joe Biden’s financial corruption and the selling out of America, California’s insane slavery reparations recommendation and the equivalent of another Salem witch trial against President Donald J. Trump.

Oh, and Tucker Carlson announces he’ll do his show on Twitter of all places.

Whatever will we talk about?

Well, let’s do what I normally don’t like to do and at least touch base on all four of these significant topics.

Tucker going to Twitter caught me off guard, I must admit. Elon Musk is a smart guy and is trying to save a sinking ship so I have no doubt Musk threw a ton of money at Tucker.

I have no issue with people making money but to be honest, I had no idea Tucker was already a multi-millionaire for having a show on cable news.

Tucker doesn’t need the money and he had significant financial offers from Conservative networks, but decided to go the top dollar route for Twitter.

Tucker doesn’t seem as smart as I thought he was because the Twitter route just seems like a bad idea when he could have used his situation to bolster Conservative networks trying to compete with the liberal propaganda machine.

Don’t get me wrong. As I previously said, I respect Tuckers’ drive for the truth even though I found myself disagreeing with him at times.

I also previously said I thought Tucker was a bit of an elitist himself, something he claims to fight against. It might be the bow tie thing I mentioned, but in reality, I felt that way about him even when he was on Fox & Friends.

I certainly wish him well and his presence is important. I just think it was the wrong move. I’m not going to Twitter to watch what he does. I’d wager I’m not the only one.

California – a state that never had slavery – wants to pay black families $1.5 million to each eligible family, which is predicted to be 2.5 times higher than the state’s annual budget, which is already in a record deficit.

Hmm, sounds like democratic logic to me.

And if you’ve seen the videos of these black activists speaking at these meetings, the $1.5 million isn’t enough. One demanded $20 million per individual and another went as far to demand $1.5 billion.

Lol lol lol lol.

The crazy is strong in California, but we have known that for a long time.

And if you look at the eligibility requirements, it actually has less to do about descendants of slavery and more to do with an opinion-based perception of inequity.

What about reparations for all those white Union soldiers who died or lost limbs in a fight to end slavery? Is that not enough payment? A life for liberty? Isn’t that at the heart of understanding that “freedom isn’t free” at all levels of what defines America?

It just kind of makes one hope for the big earthquake that rips California away from the mainland and we can just enjoy a new West Coast sunset and sip on some champagne as we watch the former state drift further into the Pacific Ocean, far away from us.

P.S. take Washington State and Oregon with you.

The Congressional Oversight Committee delivered a mountain of new evidence on Wednesday showing how the Biden criminal empire enriched themselves with adversary dollars while Biden was VP.

We already knew it was happening but the money trail is indisputable. And yet with the evidence right in front of the committee democrats, they shrug it off and deny its existence.

It’s proof positive that democrats and Conservatives will never be on the same page again. Some democrats are even calling for the Republican Party to be “wiped out,” but that gets ignored, too.

If someone like me called for the slaughter of liberals, I’d be labeled a right-wing terrorist who gets put on a no-fly list and the government comes a knocking.

But as we know, it’s only wrong when we say things like that.

Biden is committing actual treason. The evidence is there and more is coming and yet there is no outrage. The only outrage continues to be against Trump, who a Manhattan jury decided Trump was innocent of the charges levied by a crazy woman, and yet somehow still awarded her $5 million.

Apparently for defamation which essentially means Trump is guilty because he publicly stated that he has no idea who this crazy lady is.

Oh, that bad, bad Trump. What an evildoer.

So Trump has been impeached twice for things he didn’t do, indicted for not committing a crime and now has to pay $5 million for a crime he didn’t commit.

How does that even happen even if it was a Clinton-appointed judge in a hostile judicial system within a city who used to love Trump up until he showed himself as a Republican?

Can you imagine if you or anyone – even a democrat – had someone come forward and accuse you of a crime that happened some 30 years ago?

And she told the jury she had no idea what year it even happened and couldn’t present a fraction of a piece of evidence and yet it actually goes to a jury and the jury decides you aren’t guilty of the crime but still finds you are financially liable?

In what world does this happen?

The bizarro world in which we live in today because nutcase liberals are in charge.

Whether you like Trump or not, you have to acknowledge that the left sees Trump as a representation of you and I. When Trump says the left isn’t coming after him, they are coming after us, he isn’t wrong.

This is a man who has been brutally attacked for more than six years and there is no end in sight. So whether you like the man or not, you have to admire his tenacity.

I would think most of us would say this isn’t worth it, but the Trump mold is unique. He’s still the only person who lost personal fortune by going into politics.

You can hate his tweets. You can hate the way he talks sometimes. You can hate his personality. But you cannot deny that Trump is, indeed, fighting for us and his vision for America is ours.

He kept more promises as a candidate than any other elected official in history. He means what he says, and he says what he means – even if what he means to say is, well, mean.

It is beyond my understanding how any Conservative Republican or Independent cannot put aside their personal feelings about Trump and recognize that their support is for the greater good.

It’s the most frustrating conversations I have, especially with Independents who tell me they can’t stand Biden, but refuse to vote for Trump because they can’t stand him either so they just aren’t going to vote.

Really? Is that how you make decisions in your own life? Do you have a financial advisor that is making you a ton of money but you can’t stand him or her so you choose a financial advisor with a record of failure?

Really? Give me a break.

Given what is happening to Trump, I believe more and more people are awakening to the fact that our government is mired in corruption. It would explain why Trump now leads Biden in the national polls.

What stumps me is the fact that Trump is only 6 points ahead. Given everything we’ve witnessed over the past 6 years regarding the deep state that is against us all, you would think anyone – including Trump – would be 60 points ahead.

Biden has a 36 percent approval rating, showcasing that more than a third of America suffers from mental illness and that mental illness runs rampant in the democratic party where 47 percent say they want Biden to run again.

Being a liberal is a sickness my friends.

I’m not endorsing Trump. I have made it clear, I will stay out of the Republican primaries. But if Trump is our guy at the end of the primaries, then this is the Republican Party’s last chance to show we care more about our country than our own personal egos or hurt feelings.

When I say “last chance,” I mean exactly that.

Stay vigilant my fellow Patriots. Thank you all so much for joining me in this journey. Stay informed, unite and keep sharing our truth.

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