I admit that I wonder from time to time in the midst of today’s global insanity if we are nearing the end of days.

“The end is near,” has been a warning cry dating back to the beginning of recorded history.

There was even a doomsday prediction involving a hen in 1806 where the hen was laying eggs with alleged inscriptions from Christ that He was returning.

Turns out the owner of the hen was writing the inscriptions and shoving the eggs back inside the hen so she could lay them again in the public eye. But it fooled a lot of people.

Some of us are old enough to remember the dire prediction in the 1970s that the return of Halley’s Comet would end the planet. A group in Oklahoma subsequently sacrificed a virgin to fend off doomsday.

History is chock full of End Times predictions. The end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012, The May of 2011 prediction based on Biblical numerology, the second great global flood was predicted to occur in 1524, Jerry Falwell’s Jan. 1, 2000 prediction of Judgement Day, and so many more.

In fact, the list of historical predictions of doomsday spans the centuries and is astonishingly lengthy.

Most of the predictions revolve around religious beliefs, but of course, we all know AOC’s prediction that climate change will kill us all in 12 years.

And the future list remains almost as long. Those predictions include a scientist who published an article in 1960 that the world is going to end in 2026 due to overpopulation.

Messiah Foundation International also predicts the end of humanity in 2026 but due to an asteroid. 

Curiously, while most of the past predictions revolve around religion, most of the future predictions revolve around so-called science.

Future predictions range from 2026 through sometime in the next 22 billion years. Most scientists seem to believe the universe has between 1-2 billion years left when the last of the stars extinguish for good and the universe goes dark.

Climate change nutcases believe we have years to decades left.

My point on all of this is that each of these past and future predictions has drawn millions of people over time and within the present into what is, in reality, the unknown.

Doomsday cults galore have emerged from these predictions showcasing just how easy it is to manipulate a massive number of people into religious, scientific or left-wing cults.

When we look at the liberal left, it’s easy to see that they are essentially a progressive cult with insane ideas and if a single one of them pushed hard enough that sacrificing a virgin would solve climate change, you know they would eventually do it.

If they haven’t already.

Given today’s circus environment, it’s easy to point to Revelations and find some similarities, but people have been doing that for a long time.

I don’t pretend to know if Jesus will return or if He will for that matter. But I think the world, like our own lives, works in deliberate cycles.

We go through good times and bad times. The world goes through good times and bad times. But some cycles are worse than others and we all know with life experience that some cycles came close to destroying us.

It’s the same for the world cycles, as well. We’ve gone through many that almost destroyed us. It’s not far-fetched to imagine just how close we are to destruction when we endure a cycle like the one we see today.

To say we are at a breaking point and that the end of days is dangerously close, isn’t stretching the imagination. To say it can never happen, however, is a delusion.

Somewhere in between, is the truth.

I personally believe society will collapse before a world-ending event.

That’s where I see the danger in today’s political and societal environment. I have long argued to those living in their bubbles that society hangs by a mere thread and could snap at any moment, sending civilization speeding toward extinction.

Not human extinction, but civilization extinction.

During times like we are suffering through now with the enemy inside the wire, we can all feel like we are in a battle between good and evil, and more unfortunate, feel like we are outnumbered by evil.

And should society collapse, as the left intends, good being outnumbered by evil will be a stark reality because trust me, the people who you think are good will show a different side when it comes time to survive.

Hurricane preparedness is just a microcosm of how selfish people can be. It only takes a day or two for store shelves to empty as people horde for themselves and take more than what they need.

They aren’t giving a thought toward that single mom stuck at her second job hoping she can get to the store to get some food for her children to last through the storm.

No, they are thinking of themselves when they pack enough food into their carts that ultimately lasts them for weeks and weeks after the storm comes and goes.

COVID was another microcosm as people for some unknown weird reason assumed the disease would give them the craps and none of us could find a roll of toilet paper for two weeks.

When the panic begins, humanity’s so-called moral compass shifts to the deepest part of our DNA and so many “good” people revert back to the laws of the jungle where “me and mine,” become the only priority.

Pockets of humanity will survive where the goal to rebuild civilization will be the top priority, but we will be outnumbered by the hordes of evil doers who will thrive within the chaos. They will take your life over a can of peaches.

They will murder. They will rape men, women and children. They will form into violent gangs and if you think today’s mobs are dangerous, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Just look at the number of thefts,murders and rapes that take place daily within a law and order society. Imagine for a minute that law and order disappears and then throw in mankind’s instinct to survive at all costs and it paints the picture of the true battle good faces when evil rises.

Humans are innately violent beings and warring creatures at the deepest levels of our DNA. Society keeps those instincts in check, but as noted, only by a fragile thin thread.

I realize that once again I’m taking a long, dark and gloomy road to get to the short, albeit bright destination.

I asked a simple question as to whether we are facing the end times or just the end of America? Well I say this: where goes America, so goeth the world.

If America fails, global civilization will end and the real monsters of the world will rule the day.

So end times go hand in hand with America’s future.

Whether you believe in the devil literally or figuratively, or perhaps just a belief that evil is real in any form, we are in a battle of good vs. evil.

The “devil” is loose upon us and only a philosophically and spiritually blind person cannot see the reality that is being unleashed before us in this bizarro backwards world we live in today.

It’s like an episode of Stranger Things where everything that was up is now down. Everything that was good is now bad.

God is bad. Law and order is bad. Common sense is bad. Facts are lies and lies are facts. Violence is either condoned or condemned depending on the letter in front of your voter registration.

The American flag to many has stopped being a symbol of freedom and now represents fear and oppression. Mass shootings, strangers pushing strangers into the path of oncoming trains, overall crime skyrocketing.

And it all comes from one place: the liberal left.

They want to disband law and order but use it as a weapon against us. They want to replace God in our children’s lives with sexual deviancy. They want your freedoms stripped away and crave control over your life. They are happy and proud to murder a fully developed fetus.

They accuse you of one thing while they do that very thing. They lie, cheat and steal and are only a hair’s width away from doing so much worse when that societal thread snaps.

If you have a definition of the devil or of evil personified, it is the left.

So this next election isn’t just about policies. Democrats came up with the slogan that these elections are for the soul of America.

Well, the devil wants your soul, too, so they aren’t wrong.

If you think of yourself as someone who would remain good in an apocalyptic world, someone who would continue to battle an overwhelming amount of evil until your final dying breath, then we are the same.

This next election is that important. It is indeed a battle for the soul of America. And it’s a battle we must win now to avoid a much darker war in the future.

In my heart, I don’t believe that’s an exaggeration. I believe it to be that important and I believe that’s the truth that is at stake for all of us.

Good must prevail. God must know that when we say, “God bless America,” we mean it from the depths of our hearts.

Republicans must not let the devil infiltrate and destroy our unity and our ability to overcome this evil we face from the left.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep informed, unite and keep sharing our truth.

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