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The 2024 Election: A Real Sh*t Show

The silly political season has arrived as various political figures begin jockeying for the chance to occupy the Oval Office for 4 years. Bill Clinton once said of the White House: “I don’t know if it’s the finest public housing in America or the crown jewel of the American penal system.” No matter how much grief the President endures, every four years countless men and women believe it will look good on their resume. 

Over the next 2 ½ years, the Democrats will attempt to keep President Joe Biden as far away from the public as possible. He will not have the “Covid” excuse for staying in the basement as he did in the last campaign. Countless excuses are now being tested on focus groups by Democrat operatives for keeping “Sleepy Joe” away from the American public. 

Various Democrat politicians are jockeying to be the nominee in case Joe does not wake up from his afternoon nap. Gavin Newsome is attempting to convince everyone that California is as good as it was during the Reagan era. An interesting fact: The average income of people moving out of California is $158,000 and the average income of people moving into California is $38,000. Imagine what that could do for America. The one beneficiary might be Canada if enough Americans moved north. He also faces the problem of convincing the party that rants about inherent racial discrimination that a white guy should represent their party. 

Gavin Newsom (D)
Kamala Harris (D)

Kamala Harris continues to laugh her way through the Vice-Presidency as she allows Dan Quayle to move up from last place in the rankings of Vice-Presidents. 

Pete Buttigieg has shown true incompetency in his management of the Department of Transportation. He seems to be the modern example of what happens when you promote someone based on his minority status instead of his competence and business experience. 

On the Republican side we are watching the Trump team growl and bark as they attempt to clear the field of anyone who would challenge Trump for the nomination. Most observers with an IQ higher than 75 realize that Trump cannot win the general election. He has done nothing to win back the independent voters who abandoned him by the millions during the 2020 election. 

Watching local politicians endorse him reminds us of how much political power he still possesses among a majority of Republican voters. These politicians know that if they do not endorse Trump, he will “primary” them. Trump will endorse a primary opponent against them in the next Republican primary and the politicians fear they will lose to whoever he endorses. They hold their noses and endorse Trump in order to remain in office. 

Trump is America’s version of Le Pen, the French politician who has won her party’s nomination for the French Presidency. She has lost the election 3 times. This has allowed the leftists to control the French Presidency.

One major player for the Republican nomination is our Governor, Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has moved into the top tier of Republican candidates by governing as a conservative who can get his conservative agenda passed into law. DeSantis has been helped by the incompetence of northern governors who have chased many high-wage earners out of their states into the arms of Florida. This has resulted in a surplus in Florida’s budget that has allowed DeSantis to fund many needed projects. DeSantis will need to be careful to not allow the dispute with Disney to become a distraction that frightens away independent voters.

DeSantis does seem willing to stand up to Trump but has been wise not to get sucked into a daily tit-for-tat with Trump and his enablers. 

Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey, has been willing to point out the obvious weakness that Trump has as a national candidate. If you want to have unlimited abortion and new gun control laws you should vote for Trump. Christie realizes that if Trump is the candidate and loses the general election, the next President will have several appointments to the Supreme Court. The Democrats will appoint liberals who will change the balance of power on the Supreme Court. Christie realizes that someone other than Trump is the only hope for a Republican victory. Christie does have appeal in the northern states that Republicans must win in order to capture the White House. 

Nikki Hailey is running as a former Governor of South Carolina and believes that her experience as Ambassador to the United Nations gives her the foreign policy experience crucial to serving as President. She has a pleasant demeanor and the ability to communicate. This is quite a contrast from the incoherence of Biden and Harris. 

Ron DeSantis (R)
Nikki Hailey (R)

Tim Scott, the Senator from South Carolina, offers a common-sense approach to governing that places an emphasis on personal responsibility. His likable personality and his ability to reach out to the African-American community gives him a trait missing from many of the Republican candidates. 

Glenn Youngkin, the Governor of Virginia, may also be a candidate for the Republican nomination. His ability to win state-wide in a purple state offers hope for a nation-wide Republican victory. He has governed effectively and has shown an ability to communicate effectively with the people who may not have supported his candidacy. This is quite a contrast with Trump.

My prayer is that Trump does not destroy the Republican Party in his quest to obtain the nomination. He has lost the popular vote decisively in the last two elections. A normal politician would be focusing on convincing those who voted against him to change their minds. Not Trump. He is already practicing his speech that will be given on November 6, 2024 when he will detail all the cheating that caused him to lose by 12 million votes. The rest of us will be attempting to survive the destruction of what we hold dear about our country. 

The one positive note is you will be able to buy red MAGA hats at a discount.

Keep Smiling.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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