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Tales from the Mark Side: Tucker Carlson’s firing is a sign of a bigger problem


We have talked some about how the left’s internal battle was won by the crazy socialist progressive wing of the democratic party.

It’s a party that is simply unrecognizable from just a decade ago and whether we want to admit it or not, there is a similar internal battle taking place within the Republican Party.

The difference is fairly simple. Democrats went to war over extreme policy differences. Republicans still, for the most part, have common goals but can’t seem to align our personalities.

Establishment deep-state Republicans and RINOs are at war with truth-seeking, America-first Conservatives, which are essentially average everyday American citizens like you and I.

Some Republicans are starting to share philosophical similarities with democrats in that they now believe citizens are their peasants to rule over. Essentially, they believe that their own personal power overrides what’s best for us.

The departure of truth teller Dan Bongino from Fox News was played down by both Bongino and the network as a simple contract dispute. People were upset, but there wasn’t much of an uproar.

Bongino, after all, is just a common sense Conservative with no personal agenda other than to save America from our internal enemies. It shouldn’t be surprising that the establishment came after him and silenced him.

It’s just sad that those doing the silencing are not the left, but our newest foes from within the right.

So the recent firing of Tucker Carlson, the network’s No. 1 ratings champion, exposes the network and the real reasons behind the departure of Bongino.

Recent revelations regarding Rupert Murdoch’s real feelings about President Donald Trump and that he was unhappy with Tucker’s Jan. 6 report, combined with RINO Paul Ryan being on the board of directors shows to me that the Fox Corporation are in the tank for establishment Republicans who covet power and fear the real Conservative movement led by no single person but fueled by the American people.

Ratings are starting to show that Murdoch and Ryan fail to understand the real Conservative movement and the level of our frustrations that the status quo is unacceptable.

To be fair, I found myself disagreeing with Tucker more and more and his fake cackling grated my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.

And I hate bow ties. I don’t think I’ve ever trusted or liked anyone in my life who wore a bow tie, but I digress.

But Tucker did more than his fair share of great reporting and never shied away from the truth. My only issue with him is that he has a tendency to impose his opinion as fact.

Often he is right, but not always.

However, I can acknowledge Tucker as a truth teller given his overall body of work and he is good at sorting out the BS from the facts.

Other Fox News personalities who don’t shy away from the truth remain, such as Pete Hegseth, Brian Kilmeade, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and the most underrated Conservative host Fox News has in Maria Bartiromo.

Rumors had it that Bartiromo was on the chopping block over the network’s legal problems with Dominion. If she goes, I’m truly done with Fox News.

As it is now, I have turned largely to NewsMax and I was, at first, surprised at how many former Fox News personalities were now at NewsMax. But then it all started to make more sense in the wake of Bongino and Tucker’s firings.

Fox News has been cleaning out true Conservatives for a while now.

It is a microcosm of the bigger battle between establishment Republicans and actual Conservatives.

As you well know, I have always screamed from the mountaintop that if Republicans can’t unite, we are doomed.

Moderate democrats didn’t unite and lost their battle to the progressive left that now dominates the party and are presenting a strong, united front in their battle to destroy America as we have known and loved it.

It won’t be long before the so-called “squad” becomes more than a nuisance in Congress. They are winning elections and within a few years will not only dominate their party, but the electorate as well.

And as socialism presents a real danger to our Republic, Republicans will still be plotting against one another, allowing it all to happen.

So that brings us to the big question of why can’t Republicans unite when knowing if we do, democrats would never see power again?

Because you can’t separate politics from human nature, but you can separate one’s humanity from the politician.

Ego, power, control, money and personal ambition are political diseases that are the plague of our modern times. Just look at local politics and observe how quickly personalities change when they believe an election victory was their own personal coronation.

Politicians on the campaign trail are all about the people, but how quickly they forget when the election is over. Not all, but most.

And I want to be clear that I’m not pointing fingers at any one Republican organization but if we are going to be honest, Republicans within those organizations know I’m speaking the truth just from their own internal power struggles.

Now multiply that effect times five when we talk about statewide political organizations and times 100 when we reach the national organizations.

When will we learn that politics isn’t a business? It isn’t a pathway for your personal ambitions. Politics are about love of country and making things better for your constituents.

Will we ever see a politician that truly understands those concepts? Oh wait, we had one in Trump. The man had nothing to gain and everything to lose by getting into politics. But he did it for the love of country.

That’s what politics was meant to be and needs to be again.

During our last visit we talked about how the “big truth” is less effective than the “big lie.” Tucker’s firing is just as evident of that reality as my own firing from McClatchy and the Bradenton Herald for telling the truth.

It seems in today’s political environment it’s no longer about “the truth shall set you free.” The truth will get you fired, canceled, isolated and berated.

So when I say I’m losing confidence in our ability to recover from the overall and internal tyranny of our political world, I’m not saying that I’m losing hope.

But I am tired of calling for Republican unity as I continue to watch Republicans plot against one another. Even though we have the same goals for this country, we are currently too caught up in personality conflicts. We are being selfish and putting individual gains over the love of country.

So yes, I get concerned when I watch this play out with our so-called leaders and influencers. But I don’t lose hope because I know I am still in this fight and I know all of you are out there doing your part.

The real Conservative movement is something they don’t understand. The real Conservative movement is 100 percent about the America we love and we’ll be damned if we are going to surrender and cave to the far left, much less the tyrants within our own party.

What no one understands about us is how strong we are, how big we are and just how much control we really have. We may keep getting burned by fake candidates, but we never give up our control to make necessary changes at the ballot box.

We don’t give up our rights to change the channel or stop buying particular products. We can hurt our opponents by denying them votes and cold hard cash.

That is the power we have and we are showing them we aren’t afraid to use it.

So I welcome Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino and others to the “Fired for telling the truth club.”

I personally cherish my membership and wear it as a badge of honor.

We The People. Our movement understands the power behind those three words. This is our country. It belongs to no one individual or no one party for that matter.

It belongs to us and we will be damn well keeping it.

Stay vigilant my friends, keep informed and keep sharing our truth. I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support and for everything you also are doing to save America.

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