Do you remember the old show, “Get Smart,” where the opposing agencies were “Control” – the good guys, and “Chaos” – the bad guys?

How do we draw the line between control and chaos in the midst of a Joe Biden administration that puts us through one disaster after another?

Is the chaos maliciously intentional or is it just a case of complete incompetence?

If you consider the fact that this administration had a severe intelligence leak occur in January and was only discovered this week, then it’s no doubt a case of incompetence.

If you consider that the FBI is targeting and infiltrating Catholic churches to determine if “traditionalists” within the church are being “radicalized” as domestic terrorists, then it’s malicious intent.

If you consider the Afghanistan debacle and remember that Biden’s decision to set an Aug. 30 deadline was meant for a single purpose: A photo op on the anniversary of 9-11 to say he ended the war, then it was a combination of malicious intent and incompetence.

I could name a couple of other dozen examples that would point to one or the other, but none of it is control. It’s all chaos whether maliciously or through incompetence.

The problem with being bombarded with the level of chaos we are seeing, it becomes difficult to focus on Biden scandals when the scandals come at us at the speed of failure.

And we have to ask, is that intentional, as well?

I know I bring this up a lot, but it’s always worth reminding everyone that even Obama said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (eff) things up.”

It’s why Obama held off endorsing Biden until the final hour.

And Biden seems to find a way to always be on vacation when disaster strikes. Coincidence? Maybe once, doubtful twice and simply impossible when it happens every time.

Malicious intent? Incompetence? Does it really matter anymore? At the end of the day, America is suffering and teetering on collapse as this administration puts all their focus on transgender issues and turns a blind eye to America’s survival.

France is telling Europe to stop following America. Macron wants America to stop Russia on their continent, but says Europe should not help America stop China from invading Taiwan.

Essentially, Macron is raising the white flag before conflict even erupts. So typically French of him.

China is leading Saudi Arabia away from America and into the Evil Empire alliance. All because Biden insulted the crown prince on multiple occasions and then thought he would help America with oil production. But only after Biden ended our own energy independence.

Round and round we go. One has to wonder even if incompetence is the right word anymore. It’s more like insanity.

The DOJ targets parents. The FBI targets Catholics. Trump is indicted and no one knows what the crime is. A crazed transgender kills six Christians and the FBI still won’t release the shooter’s manifesto.

Kamala Harris cared more about three political activists participating in an insurrection than she did about Christians being shot. Biden still hasn’t gone to Ohio despite promises to show he cares about those poisoned by a train derailment.

Biden claimed on live TV that he has gone to “virtually every single” site of school shootings, another blatant lie that the media ignored.

Biden said over and over he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings and yet Hunter’s business associates made 80 visits to the White House.

Biden said he knew nothing about the FBI raid on Trump’s home and now we know Biden officials were there at the raid.

Biden chastised Trump about his classified documents that Trump had authority to declassify all the while having classified documents he didn’t have the authority to declassify or have in his possession.

Trump’s documents were securely locked away. Biden’s documents were spread across the northeast, making stops in ChinaTown and then Biden’s family was paid $3 million by a Chinese company tied to China’s state intelligence agency.

Biden is hiring a small army of social media “influencers” via Tic Tok while finally admitting what Trump said three years ago about Tic Tok being a Chinese spy app.

Biden heads to Camp David during the Afghanistan debacle. Biden heads to his Delaware home when it’s discovered 50 FBI agents lied about Hunter’s laptop. Biden heads to Ireland – with Hunter – when it’s discovered we suffered one of the most consequential intelligence leaks in American history.

Biden empties our strategic oil reserves to the lowest levels in history to ease the pain at the ballot box for the midterms and still hasn’t refilled that oil.

Our military is more focused on the use of pronouns than preparing for a potential confrontation with China. The military that Trump rebuilt has been deconstructed by giving away $80 billion worth of equipment and ammunition to terrorists.

We can’t even build new equipment fast enough to give to Ukraine to kill Russians and Taiwan has been waiting for arms they paid for two years ago. Our ability to sustain an armed conflict is now nonexistent.

Military recruitment is at an all time low. Military readiness is a term that is going extinct. It simply doesn’t exist right now.

More and more countries are turning away – or want to – from the U.S. dollar, which now includes France. 

We are a laughing stock across the globe and have lost all respect. So much so, that other countries now view America as a self-destructive entity that can no longer be trusted so they are taking steps to look out for themselves.

America is simply no longer reliable as we continue on this path to a self-inflicted collapse. China, in the meantime, is viewed to be more trusted than America. Countries are starting to bet on the winner of the global domination contest and they are picking China.

These aren’t doom and gloom conspiracy theories. This is our reality. We have multiple serious threats abroad to deal with, but they are no longer our biggest threat.

The biggest threat are the corrupt thugs in control of our government.

Incompetence? Absolutely. Malicious intent? Absolutely.

That deadly combination puts our freedoms and independence at risk. It’s defcon 1, my friends.

If we don’t act like it, we are complicit in America’s impending destruction.

I call for Republican unity. I call for an education campaign for independents who vote personality over policy – or mostly vote on one policy issue without seeing the bigger picture.

If these things don’t happen – to include Republicans getting consistent with abortion policy, which will drive independent votes to the other side if we do not – then we are quite simply screwed.

We’ll talk more about that subject at a later time.

I say this all the time, but perhaps more than ever, stay vigilant my fellow Patriots. Get in – and stay in – this fight. Keep informed and keep spreading our truth.

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