I started out this visit with you on Saturday and was heading in a completely different direction until I sat down on this blessed Easter Sunday to complete this latest step of our journey together.

I threw on my headphones and turned up some Christian music and felt a calling to do some testifying, if you will.

I consider myself to be a Christian, but not a very good one. I’m flawed and unworthy of God’s grace but He gives it to me anyway. I’ve felt and seen God work in my life, and still I stray into the shadows.

It’s His light that always brings me back onto the path and when I finally step from the shadows – believing I have the strength on my own to fight my demons – He is there to greet me, hold me up and embrace me with His love.

It’s a beautiful thing.

I do and say things that I’m sure make Jesus’s eyes roll. I know I have done crazy things that probably makes Him shake his head and say, “What the heck is wrong with my boy?”

But I’d like to think I make Him laugh, too. He knows I’m nuts, but He knows I love Him, even when I’m locking Him out of my heart and mind.

For example, I like to say wine is not my sacrament. Liberal tears are.

Come on. Maybe you can’t see Jesus smiling at me, but I can. He has a sense of humor. He has to in order to deal with us.

I can honestly say that liberal tears are my addiction. More so than the cigarettes I smoke or the vodka I drink. More so than the coffee I need to start my day.

And there was no happier day for me than the morning after the 2016 election as I saw liberal tears flowing like a whitewater river.

I know what you are thinking. You are asking, “But Mark, happier than the day your son was born?” Yep.

“Happier than your four wedding days?” Oh hell yes.

“Happier than when you drink the blood of your enemies from their skulls?” Ok, you got me there, but it’s still close.

Nothing, of course, makes me happier than when I’m the cause of liberal tears. Unfortunately, most of my debates with liberals that send them scrambling to their safe places as they shout, “You’re a racist Nazi!” to me is when they say stupid things online and I correct them with facts.

They really, really hate that for some reason.

I would love to be there in person when the liberal tears start flowing with a little glass vial so I could collect the tears as they fall.

There were a lot of liberal tears in Tennessee after two of the three liberal legislators got booted for participating in the takeover of the general assembly.

The only one that got saved by one vote was a 60-year-old white woman who essentially begged for her job and distanced herself from the two young black legislators who got booted.

She immediately turned around and thanked the one legislator who recognized her lesser role by telling a liberal news channel that she was saved because of racism.

I don’t know who the one Republican legislator was that saved her job, but I imagine he woke up with a regret hangover after hearing her play that card.

As you probably know, the incident drew VP Kamala Harris to Tennessee to call out Republicans for silencing democracy.

I know this will come as a shock to you, but Harris and other dems didn’t call it an insurrection. Nope, they called the protest democracy despite the fact that these protesters were illegally obstructing democracy.

Oh, that funny little thing called liberal logic. It’s always so convenient for them.

Funny how that works, right? Conservatives were locked away in some dark federal hole somewhere without due process for doing the same thing on Jan. 6.

What you didn’t see, of course, is Harris visiting the Christian school where six Christians were murdered by a crazed transgender person because it didn’t happen. In fact, you have yet to hear liberals even use the word “Christian.”

No, instead, you hear every Conservative being called transphobic for simply pointing out that the shooter was transgender.

It’s interesting to me that the details of the killer’s manifesto hasn’t been fully released yet. It probably won’t because I’m sure it was likely a hate crime targeting Christians and liberals just can’t have that narrative out there.

I have a feeling that I’m paying for every time I prayed, “Lord, give me patience.”

I’m sure God was sitting up there and said, “You heard the man. He wants to learn more patience. Put more liberals in his life.”

It’s why I’m careful with words now when I pray. Be careful what you pray for, right?

So the bottom line here is that I don’t shy away from my love for Jesus. I proudly call myself a Christian and I believe that because I know I’m not a good one makes me an authentic one.

Yep, I wear that truth like an iron shield.

I hope you had a happy and blessed Holy weekend. He has risen! Thank you God!

He’s still on our side, my friends. We have to remember that and as long as God is on our side, there can only be victory in the end no matter the levels of pain along the way.

Stay vigilant out there, keep informed and keep sharing our truth.

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