Each week we see more examples of the woke cancel culture advocates using the tactics of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Stalin’s Purges to cause people to lose their livelihoods. The latest example comes from Harvard University where the college world was shocked to discover that the women’s hockey  team coach had used abusive language. 

Today, when you hear the term “abusive language” bandied about without the actual language being specified: be wary. Usually, a writer is attempting to get the reader to assume that evil language was being used when the language is not offensive to most people. 

In this instance, the Harvard coach was scolding her team for a poor practice session and she said; “the team has too many chiefs and not enough indians.” (I apologize for not giving a trigger warning to any of the liberal arts students who may be reading this article) Apparently, one of the hockey players was from an Indian tribe and determined the statement was offensive. 

In today’s world, one can find any statement offensive. 

Today’s youth have been coddled to the point they cannot handle harsh criticism. Give them strong criticism and they  start crying in their Honey Almond-milk Flat White at Starbucks. After a session with their therapist they start devising ways to get you fired from your job. 

Fortunately, Governor DeSantis is focusing his energy on reducing the number of college employees that work in the gender/diversity area. As a result, many of these coddled youth will have to move out of Florida to find employment. 

Most of us mature adults look back at our life experiences and realize that we were fortunate to receive harsh criticism on our life’s journey. When a coach, parent or boss raised their voice, your ears and mind tuned in. This criticism forced us to get our heads out of a dark anatomical area and leave our comfort area and strive to improve our lives. Today’s coddled youth will one day rue the lack of harsh criticism in their lives. 

In today’s world, the TV commercial tells us we cannot refer to leaders as rock stars. Now we cannot call the boss a “chief”. “The owner” is now a bad term. “El Jefe” is a slur against Hispanics. “Big kahuna” is a slur to indigenous people. “Big cat” is offensive to humans who believe they are animals. “King of the Jungle” is offensive to Africans. “Top dog” is offensive to those practicing bestiality.

Life is less complicated if you just don’t give a damn about who you offend as long as it isn’t your spouse.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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