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Tales from the Mark Side: Life sure used to be a lot more simple


Life sure used to be a lot more simple.

Remember when honesty was the best policy?

You never had a single thing to worry about as long as the truth was on your side. But that doesn’t seem to matter anymore and that, my friends, is perhaps the scariest thing out of all the weird liberalism that infects today’s American society.

I’m sure a lot of you saw the Tucker Carlson segments on the released Jan. 6 videos.

To be honest, a lot of those videos weren’t new. Within hours after the event, the videos that were being shown on news outlets showed Capitol Police opening up doors and standing by as so-called protestors peacefully walked around the building.

Most of them even stayed between those felt barriers they use for tourists just strolling along and looking a bit shocked that they were let in the doors.

The problem is that all those videos showing thousands of peaceful people just strolling around is that they disappeared. They were replaced by the same videos of a few idiots getting out of control and were placed on a news loop and produced in a way that distorted the actual events.

We already knew that. We already knew the Jan. 6 Commission hired a liberal TV producer to make their Wag the Dog moment in history to include editing in fake riot sounds.

We also knew the democrats and a handful of RINOs who got their little feelings hurt by President Trump were lying and the Commission was a democrat setup.

We knew it wasn’t an “armed insurrection,” but it was interesting to learn from Tucker’s investigation that it was labeled an armed insurrection because “protestors” were carrying American and Trump flags.

Really? I guess it’s not surprising since we’ve heard so many incidents where liberals were in fear for their lives because they saw a truck rolling down the road flying the American flag.

Lordy, these people are pathetic.

Essentially, a lot of what was released was just confirmation about the things we already knew. It was just another case of here’s your proof.

Proof that democrats lied, covered up the truth, manipulated the masses and the media were once again found to be complicit in the coverup.

It’s a disturbing pattern for democrats, but it’s a pattern that was exposed during the Russian collusion hoax and has simply escalated ever since.

Following Trump’s historic win in 2016 when the Russian collusion hoax began, two thirds of democrats believed that Trump’s win was due to Russian interference. So did a lot of independents.

Just one year ago, Rasmussen reported that half still believe it happened.

How do you fix stupid? Clearly Ron White was correct when he said you can’t.

And remember that the Russian collusion hoax was a two-pronged tactic implemented by the democrats. It was already on standby in case Hillary Clinton lost, but was pulled out of the hat a day after the release of the DNC emails that exposed elitist liberal strategies and how they denigrated their own base.

The elitist left who relies on ignorance admitted how ignorant their base is. They needed to act fast and already had their shiny object on standby.

It was a distraction campaign of epic proportions and the media were happy to participate in the disinformation. And most of the public fell for it.

So if you watched the Jan. 6 videos you know some simple truths. The U.S. government has falsely imprisoned American citizens because they are Conservatives.

That’s some real third world dictatorship crap going on there.

The only armed people were Capitol police officers, one of whom murdered an American veteran.

The march to the Capitol grounds was legally permitted and already planned. President Trump never incited anyone to do anything but to peacefully and patriotically have their voices heard.

The videos all but proved what the federal government has somewhat admitted in that federal agents were in the crowd and were likely inciting others to riot.

While there were elements of ANTIFA in the crowd causing problems, the majority of the problems were likely caused by federal agents who we would later learn are largely corrupt and in bed with the left.

We know the officer who was allegedly killed by someone hitting him in the head with a fire extinguisher as democrats claimed was seen on video after he supposedly died wearing full riot gear to include a helmet.

I didn’t even know this was still in question since it was reported months ago that he went into his office and died of a heart attack. Even though that truth came out awhile ago, it wasn’t widely reported.

We knew all this to be true, but as I have already noted, now we once again have the proof.

The last so-called Trump conspiracy theory remaining is the 2020 election results. Every single other thing that Trump was raked over the grill for saying has been proven true.

But democrats make a huge deal out of so-called “election deniers,” while democrats themselves deny their own election losses.

Stacy Abrahms still hasn’t acknowledged her 2020 loss and considered herself to be the incumbent going into the last Georgia governor’s election where she got creamed.

Hillary Clinton still claims she didn’t lose the election to Trump and that the Russian collusion theory is real even though we now know it was her campaign who paid for the fake dossier that kicked the whole theory into high gear.

We also know that democrats denied that George W. Bush beat Al Gore.

The blatant lies democrats tell are stunning and when they are caught like Adam Schiff and Clinton have been, they just keep lying.

And why should they stop? Look at the damage they do when they lie. A quarter of their base still believes the Russian collusion hoax was real. It falls in line with the third of Gen Z who believe the earth is flat.

Democrats have figured out that being caught in a lie doesn’t really matter anymore. They lie, the damage is done and there is no accountability for the lie. Why would they stop now?

So what happens now since we know democrats lied about Jan. 6? The lies were so big that Kamala Harris compared it to Pearl Harbor and 9-11.

Is there ever going to be a day of accountability for how often democrats lie to the American people?

Will “normal” everyday American democrats ever stare this truth in the face and acknowledge it?

The magic 8-ball – and actual statistics – say not likely.

If you are like me, this question leaves you frustrated, and concerned about the future of this country. Priorities under liberal administrations are insane so when we have to suffer through them, our concerns are more than warranted.

It will only take one liberal administration for our enemies – both foreign and domestic – to strike us while we are most vulnerable.

It’s something I have shouted at the top of my lungs for decades but the scary part is that our enemies are finally figuring that out and it’s no longer a warning about a possibility – it’s a warning about a potential reality.

This is the part where I can easily wind up ending our visit with doom and gloom. I’m human. I have my days when I plan our visits and I feel like I’m on an island, stranded and alone as I watch our enemies light the fuse.

But I know better and your messages to me are my life raft. They remind me that together we will save America. There are times when the solution doesn’t seem possible, but the solution is us.

The only way this insanity continues is if we give up and that’s not going to happen. More and more Americans continue to wake up to the truth each and every day.

The bias media is slowly dying, hanging on by the thread of a loyal and loony left that will never change. Conservatives are getting in this fight and Conservative media is making a big push in this country.

Or in the case of the Manatee Herald, we are digging in within our community. As this area’s sole source of Conservative news, I ask again to spread our truth.

Have a like minded friend? Share this with them. Have a friend on the fence and needs more accurate information? Share it with them.

We need one another to win this battle so stay vigilant, my fellow Patriots. Stay informed and please share our truth.

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