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DeSantis Fights To Lower University Educational Costs In Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis is continuing his march towards making the public universities in Florida accessible to all and  inclusive to all viewpoints. The higher education arena has been a bastion of fascist behavior and the leftist leadership has turned intolerant towards conservative viewpoints. Over the past two decades, college tuition has increased in price more than any other goods or services besides hospital care. The price of a public four year college has more than doubled since the year 2000.

One of the reasons for the rising  cost has been the additions of so many administrators on college campuses. Many of these administrators are in charge of gender identity, sexual fantasies and racial identity politics. While the cost of a four year college degree has increased dramatically, the cost of laptops, cell phones and big screen televisions have dropped substantially. 

Over the past four years, Gov. DeSantis has tamped down the increases in tuition at Florida’s higher education system. A recent report by the College Board confirmed that the cost of a bachelor’s degree for the 2022-2023 academic year at Florida’s public universities is the lowest in the country.


Governor Ron DeSantis stated “A college degree should not put our students into a lifetime of debt.” The lowering of the cost of a university degree did not happen by accident. The Governor has been intentional in appointing people to university boards who hold the college administrators accountable to the taxpayers. The Governor expects a college degree to be delivered at a reasonable cost. 

This accountability has been resisted by the faculty and administration of many state universities. These faculty members became addicted to increasing prices and administrator salaries while teaching students to ignore the works of our nation’s founding fathers. For a long time, our political class was too timid to challenge the grip that the leftist professors and administrators had on our state education system.   

Thankfully, Governor DeSantis has been more concerned about the enormous amount of debt that so many Florida residents have incurred while attending higher education establishments. His determination will have a positive impact on the finances of thousands of Florida students and will enable them to focus their spending on their families instead of paying for the retirement of leftist professors who rarely enter the classroom to teach students.

Recently, our Governor appointed new members to the New College Board of Trustees. New College is located in Sarasota and has been a ward of the Florida educational system. New College has not been effectively managed for years. It has a small student population and rising costs for students. Past Florida legislatures have tried to hold New College accountable but a certain Manatee elected official resisted any attempts to reform the college. 

Governor DeSantis has firmly stepped forward and appointed a new Board that will hopefully bring the costs of New College under control while creating an atmosphere of tolerance towards all viewpoints.

The past administrators of New College thought that tolerance was support for all leftists ideas while ignoring and suppressing conservative viewpoints.

Those days are hopefully over and the leftist faculty members will adapt to the inclusive educational environment they have fought against for so many years.

A perfect example of the leftist mindset is the recent announcement that the new US Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown has signed a new book deal with a publishing house. 


When US Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett signed a book deal with Penguin Random House, 550 staffers signed a letter condemning the deal because they disagreed with her political views. This is a perfect example of how leftists love to talk about inclusion, but they are the most intolerant people towards opposing viewpoints.

Thankfully, Governor DeSantis has stood up to the bigoted college professors who refuse to show tolerance towards opposing viewpoints. This is what black Americans fought for and in some instances sacrificed their lives for in the segregation battles of the 1960’s.

Bob Spencer
Bob Spencer, Publisher

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