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Tales from the Mark Side: Who cares how the sausage is made?


You heard a lot of politicians use the old adage of everyone likes sausage but no one wants to see how it’s made during the 15 votes for Speaker of the House.

I had predicted 20 votes, so I feel like I was pretty close.

I’ve seen sausage made, however, and yes, it’s not pretty, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s also still delicious.

No one wants to see a cow being slaughtered either, but I don’t see a lot of people complaining – outside of a growing number of vegans – when that juicy steak comes off the grill.

And let’s be honest here, most vegans are jealous when we cut into that ribeye as they try to convince us that their portobello mushroom tastes just like our steak.

No it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but don’t tell me it tastes like my ribeye. You risk becoming a liberal when you start lying to yourself at that level.

I also don’t care how hot dogs are made or what goes in them. Stop telling me about all the chicken liver, lamb intestines and turkey tongues that go into them because at the end of the day, they are delicious, too.

Well damn. Now I’m in the mood for hot dogs.

I’ll fire up the grill later, but for now let’s get back to this epic battle that took place between the Freedom Caucus and now Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

As you know from our last visit with how so-called sausage was being made during that public Republican showdown, I’m skeptical at best regarding the optimism from McCarthy that now all of a sudden, Republicans, “have learned how to work together.”

If it took that long to make the proverbial sausage, what is in store for us to actually get anything done?

The Freedom Caucus had a legitimate beef – pardon the pun – with Republicans who have caved to liberal policy spending. While I didn’t like the process because of the perception that Republicans can’t play nice with one another, I’m not unhappy with the outcome.

So in keeping with today’s theme, the sausage making process was not pretty but after some time in the frying pan, it turned out pretty darn good.

Now all we have to find out is whether it settles in the belly well or leaves us with a tummy ache.

We’ll see soon enough and we need to be honest about just how effective this slim majority will be. We already know any legislation they try to do will die in the liberal controlled Senate.

However, the House does control the purse strings so we’ll see how capable this slim majority can be in tightening those strings.

If this Congress can at least come together to stop this crazy wasteful spending, advance crucial investigations and scale back the liberal agenda as a whole, then this will have been worth having to see the sausage made.

If this kind of nonsense continues for the next two years, however, we’ll be handing back the House and Senate to full liberal control. If that happens without at least retaking the White House, it is truly dire times ahead.

I congratulate the Freedom Caucus’ victory and understand their hard-lined stance. Some rule changes and promises in how taxpayer money will be spent in the future is a win for America.

It will be an interesting two years ahead, but I will stop short of being overly optimistic.

Here at home, I’m a little more optimistic for Manatee County as our local governments begin the process of governing with new faces and a strong Conservative agenda within our cities, school board and the county commission.

I want to be excited for it all but the “Negative Nellie” in me has taught me to live the Missouri state motto: Show me.

So grab the railings, my fellow Patriots because this ship is sailing and it’s full steam ahead. Pray that the engines run strong and we avoid the rough waters that infighting can cause.

I hope all of our elected Conservatives remember that we are on the same team even if we don’t agree with the play calling. We share common goals and our end game is simple: Govern with common sense Conservative values and always be transparent.

You were all elected because more of us than ever have been paying attention. That’s not going to change and if anything, our vigilance will only grow stronger.

Remember too, that it wasn’t your political victory. It was ours. Govern with that in mind because if you don’t, well, we’ll find someone who will because we will continue to remain vigilant and informed.

May God bless our Conservative movement.

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