Introducing the new Manatee Herald

Mr. Bob Spencer — Publisher, Manatee Herald

The Manatee Herald is an online newspaper that will serve the citizens of Manatee County with updated local news and opinion from a conservative perspective.

We favor a free market approach to our local economy that allows commerce to flourish which leads to a vibrant growing environment.

We believe government is necessary but must be limited and not allowed to grow unchecked. The bureaucrats who run the government must be answerable to the citizens of this county.

The Manatee Herald supports our local law enforcement officers in their efforts to ensure that our community remains a safe environment for all of our citizens. We must never fall for the canard espoused by many that demonizes police officers. Such false reasoning has resulted in many once vibrant cities becoming unlivable.

We believe that a competent school system will produce educated citizens who in turn will guide our community in the future. This education requires a rigorous curriculum that is not focused on social issues but rather on the fundamentals that have students prepared for the real world. This system works when educators are held accountable by the parents of their students for what they are teaching.

We believe that protection of our natural resources is essential to maintaining our community’s attraction as a destination for retirees and tourists.

We believe that our local government must continue to develop a strong infrastructure that is sufficient for the needs of our community. We also support the open discussion of different points of view. A close-minded media outlet serves no good purpose.

Dennis Cooley did a wonderful job of establishing a local news outlet that reflects the views of our community, not the views of social studies majors from northeastern universities. We will strive to enhance his vision for this community.

Bob Spencer

Manatee Herald


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